Seeking experienced English teachers to work in our Elan schools in numerous locations across Beijing, China

Seeking experienced English teachers to work in our Elan schools in numerous locations across Beijing, China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

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Bright Scholar Elan School is currently looking for an experienced English teacher working at Elan Schools in Beijing, China.

Elan School is an English Learning Center offering international intensive programs for Chinese and international K - G 6 students. It is designed to improve students' language skills, thinking skills, problem-solving skills, cultural knowledge. Elan offers leadership and reading programs for students aged 5 to 12. Through extensive library programs, we are promoting independence using over 5,000 audio books and general books supplemented with special literature and writing courses. Our program will help students become independent readers and English to master English as a lifelong language skill that enables them to advance to the best schools and universities in the future in the United States and elsewhere, in the future It helps.

We are looking for teachers qualified to teach library trainers and teachers. For details, please visit

Applicable condition:
Native speaker: UK, EE. UU. , NZ, AUST, Canada (meets the requirements for government visa application)
TEFL / TESL / TESOL certification
About BS
Educational experience is a great advantage.
1-2 years educational experience
Possible start date: As soon as possible
Job Information: 5

5 days a week, 2 days a week

Class Conditions and Benefits:
Contract work: contract for at least 1 year
Basic salary: Based on academic background and educational experience (16000-22000 yuan)
Bonus of 72 hours or more per month
8000 yuan aircraft refund
First 10000 loans
Random bonus based on annual performance
Health insurance and accident
1200 Hotel refund
Legal employment work visa with work permit
Arrival assistance: pick up at the airport
Vacation 11
11th day of the year
3 day paid bottle
Orientation and preliminary education, training, academic support
Career Development
Free group activities such as travel, party, museum visit, Chinese culture forum, traditional Chinese festival experience

It covers the management of their understanding of the known state.

Let's strengthen the team to experience real China! If you are interested in resuming our position, send a copy of your passport, TEFL / TESL / TESOL certification, title, and recent photos and confidence WeChat: 13811622672 and more information Do not hesitate to contact the flyer.

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