Seeking ESL Teachers in China, Up to 12,000RMB, work visa, bio-monthly bonus, free accommodation, free flight

Seeking ESL Teachers in China, Up to 12,000RMB, work visa, bio-monthly bonus, free accommodation, free flight

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 12, 2018

Aston English Jning I am currently looking for a teacher. Up to 12,000 won, work visa, monthly organic bonus free accommodation, airfare, etc. Learn more

Aston English is one of the main English language schools in China, and Geoin Aston is one of its flagship. Over 1000 students have a great team of foreign teachers and Chinese teachers who work together in a superior environment. Jining Aston guarantees that foreign teachers and bilingual schools with high English communication skills are no problem. We are preparing our own challenging and interesting books that are easy to understand.

Resignation Aston is doing a little different from the average school specializing in English. The goal of each class is FUN. We have found that the students who are enjoying the professions are more likely to be more motivated and more likely to learn. Their learning often involves games, activities, and challenges, but it depends on you. We have creativity to deliver courses and deliver messages.
All incoming teachers receive a three-day full course from an overseas manager. This course is a good starting point for Aston. When you first go to the classroom, you can have enough prepared and comfortable.

Jining Aston teachers can choose between different payouts (up to 12,000) and three enjoyable vacations between 30 and 25 hours per week. It gives you plenty of time to travel to China, spend time with friends, and discover the wonders of the amazing city of Ginningen. It is the perfect blend of traditional Chinese and traditional Chinese, with a cozy restaurant in the home of the Italian family, and the Lee Bai Museum, the most important poet of Chinese culture. Less than an hour from Jining is the birthplace of Confucius, a famous philosopher, in Kuching.

Want fun teaching? Do you want to make new friends? Would you like to explore it?

We are looking for:
● US Passport USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Ireland.
● College degrees in all subjects
● To clear the criminal history
● I really want to live abroad
● Good communication and interpersonal skills.
● Love enthusiastic fun
● Flexible and adaptable
Competing salary of 12,000 yuan per month
● flying money
● All work visas
● Free hosting
● 4 hours of Chinese lessons per week
● Free insurance
● Three days a week break
● Continuing education and support
● Paid vacation
● Professional promotion opportunities

Get your status today and send it to your letter of residence with your resume and photo to speed up the application process: or

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