Teach English in Jilin, China - from 12,000 to 20,000 RMB per month and free apartment

Teach English in Jilin, China - from 12,000 to 20,000 RMB per month and free apartment

Date of Job Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018

In Jilin Province, 12,000 ~ 20,000 yuan per month (after 30-90 exam days) and free apartments are taught.

Please visit our website at http://kennethsenglish.com/about/general-faqs/.

We are looking for teachers from June to August, and we are teaching 4th and 14th grades at our Jilin Junior High School. This is a one-year contract. We provide books and materials.

Jilin Province is an old capital located in Jilin Province. It is known as the frozen ice tree along the pine flower river. It is sprinkled with local spicy food, Yoshiko (Chinese dumplings), and Lake Suhua.

Our school has granted SAFEA the right to hire foreign professors since 2004. They are perfectly legitimate working without visa games and legal alternatives.

Classes are held on weekends and afternoons.

If you are interested in learning Mandarin, Jilin Province calls many people "pure orange" areas.

The staff is a small team of professionals who welcome and support new teachers. We are pleased to provide you with a list of current and former teachers who can contact you to learn more about the school.

We are committed to making each lender fit well in the school, especially the staff.

There is a Chinese employee who understands your needs. Whether you are dealing with your papers, repairing something at home or helping to buy something, you will get the help of experts and professionals.

Our school is the best place to work and teach. We are doing our job to do your work. We believe that children learn best in a safe, fun and lively educational environment. We also think that teachers are the best teachers as teachers when their needs are considered and accepted.

Our school offers:

• The teacher takes at least 42 days and up to 70 days off during the term of the contract, depending on the choice of course and class availability.

• The school agrees to pay a basic monthly salary of 8,000 yuan per teacher during the test period. The test period is from 30 to 90 days, depending on your progress. After probation, the basic salary of the teacher is 22 hours to 12,000 yuan per week.

• Teachers can earn more money by teaching courses to participate or other courses the school voluntarily provides. These additional classes cost up to $ 20,000 or more per month with regular classes.

• The school agrees to pay the teacher the fare of 8,000 yuan after completing the contract for the past year. This article will be paid in cash. These grants are not proportional and there is no limit to the expenditure. This will only be paid if the teacher has completed the year-round contract.
• Textbooks are available.

• The school offers a classroom furniture room. The teacher does not pay rent. The teacher pays for the residential program.

• The school provides limited medical services for up to RMB 600 per month.

• Our holidays can be delayed slightly depending on the Chinese students' congratulations. If Western holidays are observed dependent on Chinese holidays, they will be observed except for the current date according to the Chinese holiday calendar or school schedule.

• When signing a contract with the school, the teacher receives a 3,000-point relocation bonus.

• The teacher receives one hour of instruction / training every two weeks. There is no business hours.

• Quiet Western-style apartment with wooden / tiled floor for unlimited 24-hour access.
• Rest for two consecutive days a week.
• When you arrive at the school, you will be charged the cost of physical examination in China and the cost of obtaining a full Legal Work Visa (FRP) based on your valid Z visa. Our school has a SAFEA license that hires foreigners.

• English FAO to support it.

Your free time is respected.

• The management has set the challenge of making education and life experiences in China successful here. Most of our teachers have been in school for at least two years. We believe this is an indicator of satisfaction.
Teacher qualifications:
• ESL / TEFL / TESL certificate of the ESL study program.

• Bachelor's degree in all disciplines. We can not hire a new college graduate two years older than our diploma. In other words, if you graduated from college in the traditional era, you should take office two years after graduation.

• Students ages 4 to 14 can teach dynamic and high energy classes.

• COMPULSORY: (CITY) There is no crime in verification of local police records.

• Basic physical examination is possible.

Please send your CV and attachments to jobs@kennethsenglish.com.

Please visit our website at http://kennethsenglish.com/about/general-faqs/.

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