Hiring Full time Native English speaking teachers at AMERICAN EAGLE INSTITUTE in China

Hiring Full time Native English speaking teachers at AMERICAN EAGLE INSTITUTE in China

Date of Job Posted: Friday, April 13, 2018

(LAST POINT) Full professor (Competitive package) of AMERICAN EAGLE INSTITUTE for children in Shanghai

About Us :
Founded in Taiwan in 1999, the American Eagle Institute now has 90 centers throughout China. It was established under the vision of improving Asian language teaching to strengthen the competitive advantage of students from Asian countries in Asian countries.

Our main purpose is to develop language learning methods that allow children to use English without translating their native language. First, we introduce a learning immersion style that works only in English in the classroom. We employ only native English teachers who not only give students opportunities to learn English, but also provide channels for students to understand various Western cultures.

Foreign teachers provide all the tools you need to succeed, including the latest textbooks, tutorials, study guides, and online resources. The teacher works with the teacher's assistant in each class.

1. Age and class size: 3 ~ 15 years old, max. 1 class 16 people.
2. Business hours: Monday to Friday: 130-1830 hours Saturday and Sunday 9-730 hours.
Time not to exceed 22 hours in total between 40 hours a week.
Third package:
The monthly income is 14,000-16,000 won.
Housing allowance of 4,000 yuan per month.
Quarter (5,000 won) semester (150 yuan per student) Annual bonus (9000 won).
Health insurance premium airfare (3,000 yuan), transfer (1,750 yuan)
Refund of work visa and related costs (original invoice required).
11 Holidays in addition to 5 years.
Provide professional training

4. Requirements:
native speaker;
Or more;
2 years of teaching experience or more than 120 hours of TESOL / TEFL certification;
It is fun to teach children patience and children;
Teamplayer and good interpersonal skills.

5. How to apply:
Please send your CV and passport page to Xue (Director), stanley.xue@eagletw.cn.

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