Offering a 10-12 month contract to our English teachers in China with Monday to Friday working schedule

Offering a 10-12 month contract to our English teachers in China with Monday to Friday working schedule

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, April 14, 2018

Reference of work: ShenzhenTE

Location: Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen

Term of contract: 10 months

Salary range: 11,000 - 25,000 yuan / month

About School

We have experienced managers and team members at home and abroad, and currently there are 200 foreign teachers in the school. When you join us, join a community of educational professionals around the world and build your professional network.

From Monday to Friday, we have a 10-12 month contract with an English teacher at Shenzhen Elementary School and middle school

Classroom with computer, projector, board, microphone. Curriculum and materials are available.


- native speaker

- degree

- TEFL Certificate

- 1 - Two years of experience teaching ESL is desirable

- To clear the criminal record

- 2 year full time teaching experience

- Candidate recommendation letters requiring specific training for each subject

Compensation package

- Salary :

> 11,000 - 16,000 yuan for oral English teachers

18,000 - 25,000 won

12,000 - 15,500 won for the position of education center

> Kindergarten location is 12,000 - 15,500 won

- 5,000 yuan refund (paid within the first week of operation)

- annual leave of 3 months or more, including all national holidays (annual academic contracts include half-yearly salary and one-month full salary housing allowance agreed upon during winter or summer vacation)

- Application for Z visa and up to 400 KRW visa refund application

- Social insurance and accident insurance

- Webinar training and orientation before arrival

- Up to 4 nights at the hotel upon arrival

- Airport pick-up

- Bank, telephone card, rental support for English speaking staff

- tutorials and ongoing evaluation of teachers (observation in class, seminars and weekly training sessions)

- Free Chinese lessons


Please send the following to Jobs @

- Your email title # Reference works: #ShenzhenTE

- Curriculum Vita (enter phone number, Skype ID, nationality, date of birth)

- Diploma (Scanning)

- TEFL certificate (scan)

- Recent Casual Photos

- Clean criminal records

- start date

- Current location

- Possibility to block 10 months contract

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