English Teaching Positions in Beijing, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China

English Teaching Positions in Beijing, Foshan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China

Date of Job Posted: Monday, April 16, 2018

1st :
English teacher and library coach

English teacher:
To understand all aspects of the curriculum, lessons, and quizzes
Individual constructive mid-term evaluation and final evaluation
Provide students with high quality skills, writing, phonics, including assigned exam questions
Issue and description of assignments for students and parents
Students stress all the work and homework in the class and complete comments on the class

Library Manager:
Use data analysis to monitor student progress •
You are familiar with the curriculum to make suggestions about your location.
Suggestions for improving the evaluation report of students with strengths Suggested
Motivate students, promote literary or sentimental love

2. Location
Beijing Foshan Shenzhen Guangzhou

Third package of advantages:
Salary: 15,000-22,000 CNY (depending on experience and background)
Refund of air fare of 8,000 RMB
Some bonuses based on quarterly results (1000-3000 RMB per month)
Health insurance and accidents
Mortgage 10,000 yuan
Hotel refund of 1,200 yuan
Work visa Z
Arrival support: pick up at airport
3 days of full payment
11 Full paid vacation
Orientation, pre-employment training, continuing education and academic support
Free group activities such as group trips, parties, Chinese culture forum, and Chinese traditional parties

4. Requirements:
Meet the government's requirements to obtain a work visa studying in a country where English is not your native language. Native or non-native speakers
Previous experience with children in the classroom
Ability to work independently with others in a team environment
I love reading and children.

5. Working hours: 5 days a week 2 days a week

6. Company Profile:
Eran School is a subsidiary of the Bright Scholars Educational Group, which provides internationally-rich programs such as tutoring courses for Korean and foreign Chinese K-G8 students. Elan's curriculum is designed to improve students' language, thinking, problem-solving and global student culture skills. The key element of each Elan school is a multicolor library consisting of 6,000 to 10,000 audio recordings and regular storybooks sorted at the grade level (GE). The library uses the iPads reading program, which uses Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading software, to improve student learning and advanced data collection. In addition to reading classes, Elan also offers Early Reading programs that specialize in storytelling and phonics. The advanced programs prelaunch and ELAN offer literature and other places of course having students acquire English as a language of life, so that they can become independent readers in English, they can go to the best universities in the US.

7. China Center
Beijing: Shangdu Wangjing Jinyuan Wudaokou
Shanghai: Mayimei Mahjong Baba Iban Cliff
Huamu Biyun Xinzhuang Hongkou
Shenzhen: White Sun Mountain
Foshan: Shunde
Guangzhou: Monthly water

8. Website:

If you are interested, please send us the following: liu.chris @ time-edu.cn or WECHAT: 15831185623:
Your last photo
Your passport image
Your other contact information

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