Muffy’s International Kindergarten is currently recruiting ESL teachers in China for the Fall 2018- 2019

Muffy’s International Kindergarten is currently recruiting ESL teachers in China for the Fall 2018- 2019

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

1 Day School Program

Who are we

We are Muffy 's International Kindergarten (MIK). Fumble is a devoted group of pioneers, instructors and understudies. Our outside educators speak to all locales of the world. We are pleased to make a space that urges understudies to learn and develop normally.

In 2004, our vision is to furnish our understudies with the encounters they have to end up minding individuals, deep rooted students and capable individuals in an evolving world, so MIK works in Beijing. We are focused on accomplishing this objective by giving a thorough training inundation in English in which all understudies can achieve their maximum capacity and which we make and care for and in their common habitat. We urge understudies to support inventiveness by presenting various subjects and showing them the world and nature, urging them to move, move, and play.

To join a current group of remarkable educators for an expanding number of understudies, you require an abundance of skilled and inventive ability.


Our day's teachers present every understudy with an assortment of exercises that can be a functioning member in an examination visit. By utilizing the hypothesis of multi-knowledge Howard Gardner as the foundation of our educational modules, we adjust our lessons to help the kid's extraordinary capacities and exceptional gifts through different astuteness.

Understudies who touch base at the school are 2 to 7 years of age. Every instructor has his/her own class with a most extreme of 18 understudies for each year. Together with our China direction right hand and regular day to day existence instructors and educators are drawing in with understudies or social aptitudes who build up our own gifts to wind up inquisitive long lasting understudies.

We are at present enlisting for the fall 2018-2019. We welcome you to our group! Begin date: as quickly as time permits.


• Minimum four year college education, ideally training

• 120 long stretches of TESOL/TEFL or CELTA accreditation

• Two years of expert experience after graduation.

• US local speakers USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand

• Possibility to avoid historical verifications

• Work as an adaptable, fun, well disposed, innovative group.

Advantages Summary

• Wages between 18,000 - 22,000 won after expense

• Legal Visa for Foreign Experts

• Pick up from the airplane terminal upon entry.

• Designation of aircraft tickets and settlement.

• a month pay take off

• Free long periods of the individual who paid for the ailment or compensation

• Performance Bonus

• Health Insurance

• Free weekday lunch

• Free Chinese exercises

• Educational help and customary professional preparing and preparing.

• KTV Night, Barbecue Dinner, Sightseeing Tour Planning Team Travel!

Apply Today

Resume Please send your examined authentication and identification to If you don't mind consider adding this distribution to your title while presenting your application.

Just applicants chose for different applications will be told. All archives are entirely secret.

Visit our site at to take in more about our schools and vocations.

We realize that it is hard to move and work in different nations. This is the reason we have committed our assets to helping educators (once in a while in different schools) with aide outside labor visa officers.

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