We need full-time English teachers to teach with the International Institute of Education in China

We need full-time English teachers to teach with the International Institute of Education in China

Date of Job Posted: Monday, November 5, 2018

About Us

We are enrollment office situated in Shanghai, China. We contract qualified English educators for our customers. We will react to your requirements and help you with individual help.

Presently we are searching for full time for an English dialect instructor at the International Institute of Education in the following city in China/Shanghai/Jiangsu (Suzhou/Nanjing)/Beijing/Fujian (Xiamen/Fuzhou)/Hubei (Wuhan)/Guangzhou )/Hainan (Sanya/Haikou)

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* RMB 12,000-30,000 - relying upon your capabilities and the city you are instructing

* Health Insurance

* discount

* Sponsorship of work visa.

* Free Apartments or Housing Grants

Day points of interest:

Review: 3 to 12 years of age.

Class estimate: 8 to 10 understudies/class

Working hours: 16-25 exercises/week, 2 days break

Bilingual help for each class.

Capabilities and aptitudes (meet one of the accompanying necessities)

1. Endorsement of local speaker, lone ranger, educator (TESOL, TEFL CELTA, and so on.)

2. Your local dialect: English, Bachelor's, 2 years of showing knowledge (verification of proof and so forth required)

3. BA in local dialect significant subjects: instruction, dialect, semantics, writing, and so forth.

4. Two years of expert involvement in English Language Degrees (required exams, for instance a reference book)

5. Other (local speaker)

Obligations and Responsibilities

1. Plan, get ready, and give exercises to understudies.

2. Create, make, and deliver new materials, including varying media and visual materials.

3. Set up an exercise plan, set up a show course, open a course, and take an interest in an instructive class.

4. Take an interest in instructive occasions and school showcasing occasions.

5. Fundamental organization, eg. For instance, keep a rundown of understudy records and participation, compose remarks for each class, and so on.

Contact email address:
Zhiyu Consulting < recruitment@zhiyu-recruitment.com >

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