Beijing Foreign Studies University is a prestigious Chinese university, and needs English teachers

Beijing Foreign Studies University is a prestigious Chinese university, and needs English teachers

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, November 10, 2018

I. Position:

English educator, E PLUS English

II. About Us :

Beijing Foreign Language University (BFSU)

As such, Beijing University Foreign Language University is an eminent Chinese college under the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is extraordinary compared to other colleges in China that is recorded in Project 985 and Project 211. Any college is comprised of the best colleges in China. BFSU was established in 1941 and is one of the most seasoned college in China. Most dialects ​​(August 2018 August) educates and gives classes in different levels of remote dialects ​​and writing, Chinese writing, news coverage and correspondence, legislative issues, law, business organization and designing. In excess of 400 represetatives working in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are previous understudies of the BFSU. "Dialect training" and "internationalization" are key to the BFSU.


The Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press (FLTRP) is the biggest remote dialect distributing and college distributing organization in China since it was established in 1979 by the Beijing Foreign Studies University. Our distributions extend from scholastic to instructive, humanities, sociologies, regular sciences, open perusing and youngsters' books.

E PLUS Education and K-12 English

E PLUS English, established in July 2010 by the Beijing Foreign Studies University Press Study on Foreign Language Education Research (FLTRP), is one of the primary instructive projects under the immediate direction of BFSU International. As the "China-K-12 Trustworthy Leader of International Education Institutions", understudies matured 4 to 18 must set themselves up for the social condition from the household and worldwide point of view on the way to development to build their aptitudes. Three columns), dialect instruction, scholastic advancement, and social abilities. By August 2018, E PLUS English had 34 areas in five Chinese urban areas.

III. Expected set of responsibilities

1. Consistence with a commonly concurred work plan.

2. Timetable exercises every day, show exercises, lead understudy tests, and speak with guardians, staff, and others.

3. Interest in different occasions, for example, standard preparing of instructors

IV. Capability

1. Local speakers (application for a work visa is required).

Second age: 22 to 55 years;

3. Over four year certification.

4. Urge kids to instruct.

I am prepared to take a shot at the end of the week.

V. Wages and Benefits

1. Legitimate work visa.

2. Fundamental compensation month to month assess is 12,500 yuan.

3. Transporting and lunch bundle: around 500 every prior month assess.

4. Free convenience (single room, shared kitchen, restroom) or lodging endowment of 3000 yuan month to month charge.

5. Round excursion toll: 10,000 yuan for every month per contract year.

6. Chinese 10 days and excursion paid get-away.

7. Extra educational cost charge: 180/160/140 yuan (as per instructor's order) before making good on regulatory expense for extra exercises of 70 exercises for every month.

8. Prizes of learning for babies: 20 yuan assess for more youthful stage class classes.

9. 100% discount of transportation charge for instruction in different spots.

10. Medical coverage, free Chinese exercises and cooperation exercises

Free get from the air terminal.

12. Korean dialect training and support in regular day to day existence.

VI. Contact :

How might I apply?

It would be ideal if you send your resume to Monica's email address:

Telephone: 86-10-6840-5945

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