English teacher required for 1-year Teaching Contract in Harbin, China - Free TESOL DIPLOMA

English teacher required for 1-year Teaching Contract in Harbin, China - Free TESOL DIPLOMA

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, November 13, 2018

You can procure a pay while examining TESOL.

When you complete the course, you

More than 500 hours instructing knowledge.

Learner Intermediate Mandarin,

Your TESOL endorsement is a confirmation status.

Adaptable program startup information

benefit :

Month of preparing in Harbin:

160 hours of state-endorsed TESOL preparing

Finished for about a month

Something like 10-12 hours of training practice will be surveyed.

No less than 10 hours of perception by an accomplished educator showed a thing or two

Free Chinese practice

20 hours class

Sound course to learn at home.

Chinese Standard Mandarin City in Harbin.

Free excursion to outside course.

It is a free open settlement with a private room.

Lunch and supper are free nearby.

Free air terminal get.

Amid your instruction semester:

A critical piece of our program is your training year in Harbin pursued by your instruction month. Will-Excel TESOL works in a few schools in China. This school gives you the states of a paid class.

Will-Excel TESOL works intimately with the supporting schools to assess the exercises and give ordinary criticism. You will get your Will Excel TESOL accreditation after you have finished the 500 hours of training evaluated in the classroom.

The accompanying favorable circumstances are ensured by all schools in your support. On the off chance that a specific supporting school is granted the title of a program, it will be sent to you for further screening of your administration before tolerating the position. Amid your training you have a certification:

TESOL Research Support

Full Time 500 Hours

Compensation :

Least 8,000 ~ 10,000 won/month

Free remain

Free Medical

Work Permit

Over-term compensation and pay are high

Notwithstanding the previously mentioned ensured benefits, each school has a few focal points. When you get an offer from one of our supporting schools, the correct substance of your administration bundle will be conveyed.

Will-Excel TESOL will have the capacity to finish the course effectively. More data is accessible on our site.


Functional exercises in TESOL hypothesis think about.

Most TESOL programs gather all preparation before the temporary position educator takes the class.

With Will-Excel TESOL, you will show early. You can incorporate thing sessions in genuine classes to apply learning hypothesis quickly and make inquiries about the inquiries you and your associates instruct.

Notwithstanding the normal course, understudies get month to month input from the organization amid their half year educating period.

TESOL Certified Diploma.

Other TESOL programs by and large issue just a single unapproved authentication. This implies your understudy has just a record of taking courses.

Our alumni finish over 500 hours of classroom evaluations notwithstanding the TESOL course. Along these lines, we can issue a TESOL testament certify by the nation. Our alumni likewise get a definite report card that portrays the review they have taken and the kind of learning for that score.

Will-Excel TESOL is possessed and worked by Westerners with long involvement in China.

We have been working together in China since 1994, and have been working together for a more drawn out period than other Gumi organizations that are leading TESOL preparing in China. In the event that you are possessed and overseen in the West, you can know the necessities of Westerners, mitigate social contrasts and show you how to take advantage of your life in China.

The adaptable area of the program is an appreciated endowment of today to visit our site to satisfy your position!


In the event that you experience difficulty seeing our site, if you don't mind email Registrar@WillExcelTESOL.com.

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