We have English teaching positions available in various cities across China

We have English teaching positions available in various cities across China

Date of Job Posted: Friday, November 30, 2018

Showing Chinese at AEG | Minimum time + least 15K | Open your new part by investigating the elevations of Nanjing, Yangyang and Ningbo in your life

Is it true that you are searching for a genuine Chinese, or devotees who lived sufficiently long for remote air pockets?

Furthermore, selecting AEG in China is the ideal educator for you.

A few urban communities in China can see the exceptional parts of China where the entry level position isn't in the enormous urban areas.

One of China's greatest vacation spots is that it very well may be phenomenal all over the place. In numerous residential areas, you can find out about neighborhood history and stories, investigate intriguing spots and destinations, contemplate and live, live with Chinese, and appreciate remarkable nearby food. "China has a sentiment of place"

Working at AEG Recruitment is never again the entire experience.

AEG realizes that you have encountered China here and come back from numerous recollections and encounters. We realize that you would prefer not to stick around 40 hours per week at home. So we are putting forth an adaptable preparing contract that gives you an opportunity to put in your 2-4 days a week and take advantage of your time in China and would what you like to do.

Employments as of now accessible for pioneers and authority:

On-screen character :

Cixi City, Ningbo, Zhejiang

ESL instructor 15,000 ~ 18,000 yuan/month

20,000 ~ 35,000 won month to month parental figure

40 exercises (25 exercises)

Free lofts without split

Hubei Province Shangyang City

11,000 yuan/month

23/28 hours per week

Free lofts without split

Nanjing, Jiangsu

12,000-18,000 yuan/month

25-30 hours per week

Free lofts without split

We give work visas to all agreements.

It would be ideal if you contact AEG Recruitment (teachinchina@astoneducation.com) for more data on these occupations or other business openings.

Much obliged to you for the place you are intrigued!

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