William's English School is currently seeking 4 responsible candidates for full-time ESL teachers in China

William's English School is currently seeking 4 responsible candidates for full-time ESL teachers in China

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, December 9, 2018

Teaching in China is not so fast! Please pay more than 30 days! 14,000 yuan / month No printing errors! Working at Xian Williams English School!

It is the 15th anniversary of summer 2019!

Founded in 2004, this school is the premier school in Xi'an (home of the world famous Terracotta Warriors). Not only because of the many awards we have received. We are a 5 star school.

WES is currently looking for four responsible candidates for full-time teachers who can work up to 20 hours per week.

In the next spring term (mid-February 2019), three English teachers from 7 to 12 years old are required. The contract date is from February 13, 2019 to February 12, 2020.

Here we are preparing a full-time English teacher with at least two years of experience.

1. Contracts: Average 20 ~ 23 lessons a week, 14,000 yuan monthly salary, 13 hours of class preparation time. Most TFs are usually 20-23 hours. Regardless of class, salary is guaranteed. All free time is PAID! Even if you only have 15 lessons, pay all the months of the contract! It is ideal for teachers with a serious mindset that will improve their tutoring skills and perhaps lead to the leadership of Williams English School. If you extend your contract by increasing your grades well, your salary will increase. We have some FT with salary over 17K ... Xi'an is so cool because its living standard here is much smaller than Beijing / Shanghai and other coastal cities! We pay your performance here with your colleagues here. Give us a chance, we will give you a chance!

2. Free 2 bedroom enclosure! I live alone in my apartment and there is plenty of space! No roommates! Fitness gym, library? It's up to you!

3. Visa-Visa Fee Normal payment fee (approximately $ 140) (excluding reseller or express service fee)

4. A sponsor Z visa (work visa) / foreigner report will be issued. Issued residence permit

5. A $ 1500 contract termination bonus. Bonuses and salaries can increase the amount of time you spend with us.

7. All contractors who are contracting are at least two days off a week. (Usually Monday and Tuesday)

8. Pick up at the scheduled airport.

You must

* Native speakers over 24 years old.

* You can think of other origins, like Canada and the United States, but UK / Australia / New Zealand / South Africa

* Bachelor of Arts (Applicants - Anthropology, Linguistics, Elementary Education, East Asian Studies)

* Certificate of ESL / TESOL / TEFL or equivalent (without exception) Certificate If you do not have a certificate yet, you can join the 120-hour TESOL online course. This is very economical! It is fully permissible and refunds the certificate fee once the contract is confirmed.

* At least two years of experience teaching English as a second language (this is mandatory)

* We are ready to proceed with the screening procedure by obtaining notarization and certification test for diploma and criminal record examination (it takes 3 ~ 4 weeks). Do not be tempted to China after promising to make a tourist visa a work visa! Too many foreigners lose to participate in this situation.

If you do not meet your previous qualifications ... Do not apply! They are not considered! The only native speaker! Interviews are investigating cultural background access and knowledge! How many people do not read this?

We like teachers ...
They are open and full of life ...
Teaching experience from overseas ...
Children love, very patiently ...
Who learned Chinese and culture?
People who have taught English in a second language for over 2 years ...
They enjoy good health (they are walking a lot in China!) ...
Live work experience.

If you are interested in this position, and are tired of many newcomers and the Chinese government, please contact William at williamjliu@yahoo.com.

References can be provided by our current and past teachers. There is no agent.

Interviews are done via Skype or Wechat.

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