Looking for Native English Teacher in Foshan, China - Salary 16000 RMB, Free meals, Paid vacation, Airfare 8000 RMB

Looking for Native English Teacher in Foshan, China - Salary 16000 RMB, Free meals, Paid vacation, Airfare 8000 RMB

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, December 16, 2018

Local English Teacher 20 exercises for each week, week by week and valuable Foshan school: 16,000 won compensation, settlement and free dinners for one individual, paid get-away, carrier 8000 RMB, and so forth. February 18, 2017 from Japan to 18 January 2020

Intrigued candidates are required to submit identifications on their CV's ongoing photographs, titles, applications when we realize how to get to Skype and MicroSend, and to what extent the meeting will be.

Charge: 16,000 Won (before expense, 15110 RMB) + Free supper + 8000 + airfare: multiple times English class (40 minutes for every class) 20 hours per week, Foshan City Nanhai 1. Middle School, Health and Injury Insurance, About 40 class sizes, mixed media classes are being advanced. Get up at the airplane terminal and help get. From February 18, 2009 to July 15, 2009 (recharging contract)

Foshan Shunde 2. 20 hours of English exercises every week by primary school (no business hours): Free of charge of 16,000 won + Free supper + 8000 + Tax on ticket (after assessment RMB 15110) + Bedroom loft 8,000 awards for everything will be paid. Wellbeing and Injury Insurance, Work Visa Guarantee About 40 classes Multimedia at the classroom Pick-up administration at the airplane terminal English as an associate to Chinese educators and outside instructors. From February 18, 2009 to January 18, 2020

Foshan Namhae 3. Center School eighteenth Weekly English Lessons (No Hours) By: 14300 Pre-assess Pay (13,500 after duty) + Free Apartment Campus + 8000 + 10000 Interest Rate Housing Allowance Summer Holiday for Chinese Holiday, Medical Insurance, Work visa ensure Class estimate About 40 classrooms Multimedia learning, etc. Get benefit from the airplane terminal. From February 18, 2019 to January 18, 2020

Qualification and Requirements:

1. Local English speakers under 50 years of age.

Over a second lone wolf

3. TEFL/TESL/CELTA Excellent and late alumni are required

4. It is sound and there is no wrongdoing.

5. Great work frame of mind, enthusiasm for instruction.

Mike Jean

Guangzhou Adult Education Service Co., Ltd. Enrollment Director

Skype: mike622811 Wechat/Mobile: 0086-13829788567

gzss888@vip.163.com Office: 0086-20-61908599

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