Currently recruiting ESL Teachers for Shenzhen public schools in China

Currently recruiting ESL Teachers for Shenzhen public schools in China

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, December 27, 2018

China International Education Center (Shenzhen)

Organization depiction:

China (Shenzhen) International Personal Training Center (CIPTC) is a state-claimed undertaking enlisting remote educators to instructive organizations in Shenzhen, China. We are a qualified organization managing universal instructive scenes and committed to building up the polished methodology of all staff and educators. We are as of now in the 6th year of the International Training Program. There are around 300 outside representatives working in Shenzhen. Our principle objective is to internationalize training in general society area and make an agreeable and amicable condition for understudies to believe in communicated in English. To guarantee that our objectives are accomplished, we give a month to month master cooperation session concentrated on training techniques to enable understudies to accomplish the dimension of learning and decent variety of our educators. Taking part in our instructor classroom to give criticism, direction and thankfulness is to help our joint sessions. CIPTC is influencing development and the life of Chinese understudies. We are continually searching for a great excited educator to join the family.

Day: ESL educator for Shenzhen state funded schools

work :

1) Prepare and educate at the alloted school.

2) Participate in school exercises (English celebrations, open addresses, and so forth.).

3) Participate in school-related gatherings and instructive research exercises.

4) Other assignments or exercises have been authoritatively concurred.

II Description

State funded schools - 40-50 understudies/classes.

Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5:30 am (2 hour noon)

III. bundle

Pay: Negotiable after experience of 12kB-17k RMB

Living space: Free flat or lodging sponsorship

Flying: 8,000 yuan ($ 1300) a large portion of the flight reward

Occasions: Full installment Winter occasion multi month All occasions are ponied up all required funds

Protection: mishap protection and standardized savings.

Visa: Z visa and habitation allow.

Instruction: Monthly preparing and tutoring support.

Free Chinese Class: Beginner - Intermediate once per week

Free excursions: Cultural day stumbles on a month to month premise.

Other data: Airport get benefit

IV. For more data, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us.

Contact: Grace Won

Wechat: Wisimia

Skype: + 8617512598725

Competitor's necessities:

One). Age somewhere in the range of 22 and 55.

2) I have a college degree.

3) .120 hours of TEFL or 2 years of instructive experience.

4). Instruction required:


Please contact us at:
Grace Wang < >

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