A private education company that provides native English teachers to kindergartens needs ESL teachers in China

A private education company that provides native English teachers to kindergartens needs ESL teachers in China

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 11, 2019

We are a private schooling organization that generally educate after-school Kindergarten local speakers. There are private tuition based schools that work after school or on ends of the week.

What we offer:

15,000 won (over 25 hours for every strengthening week for each class)

Free Apartments

Work visa

1 year contract

a month of paid occasions and occasions

Set of working responsibilities:

25 exercises for each week (15 hours every day in kindergarten, 10 hours in the lodging focus around evening time or end of the week different occasions of the week from Monday to Friday). There is a multi day occasion from Sunday to Thursday or from Tuesday to Sunday.

Out of class, we permit adaptable working hours. Kindergarten exercise designs are as of now prepared for you. In any case, you can change substance or include exercises as required. Since understudies are distinctive in age, capacity, and subject, we should take an interest in class anticipating our classes at our middle. Since land is in the hands of Chinese and Americans, we are worried that we won't squander our time on obligatory opening times. For whatever length of time that you can do the essential things you need, we are cheerful.

We are keen on growing different sorts of English classes. In the event that you like cooking and playing moving legos, singing, playing guitar, playing drums, piano, and so on., you get an opportunity to demonstrate your advantage.

Brief data about our city: We are around 500,000 urban communities. So it has the most fundamental administrations, yet don't expect administrations like enormous urban areas like Shanghai. We have the cleanest air in China. It is extremely simple to investigate the city by transport, electric bike or foot. Since we are on a quick course, business is inside 2 hours, Guangzhou is 4.5 hours data.

If you don't mind let me know whether you are keen on this site. I need to converse with you.

Contact Email Address: dandrews1877@gmail.com

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