China Beijing International Kindergarten is looking for a full time English teacher to start from March 2019 in China

China Beijing International Kindergarten is looking for a full time English teacher to start from March 2019 in China

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Beijing International Kindergarten in China is searching for a full time English educator since March 1, 2019. High cost 25000RMB-28000RMB

Organization Information:

ICAN's International Kindergarten is a piece of ICAN English EDU Co. Ltd, ICAN EDU GROUP was built up by the Beijing Municipal Board of Education and specialists from UK, USA, South Africa and other English talking nations. Amid our 10 years of ESL showing background, we have dependably been at the cutting edge of the idea of present day English perusing and learning. We work in building up a decent domain for youngsters to become familiar with an unknown dialect through a handy, imaginative, inventive and fun educational programs.

ICAN Kindergarten is an English language instruction for kids from 2 to 6 years of age. There is no ICAN Edu Work Agent We have our own escorts in Beijing.

ICAN English EDU was built up as per China Beijing Municipal Commision GOV. We are accountable for the selecting program for 20 ESL instructors in government funded schools at the main authority office in participation with the Beijing Ministry of Education.

Essential necessities

1) Native English instructors for ESL educators (must be residents of the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, and Scotland) as per the Chinese Work Visa controls.

2) Title: Bachelor's certificate or college degree (must be affirmed by the Chinese Embassy of the nation)

3) TEFL/TESOL is required for candidates who have not graduated inside two years. (As indicated by the China Work Visa Rules for ESL Teachers, you should have no less than two years of encouraging background to apply for a Z visa as an ESL educator, else you should have a 120 hour TEFL accreditation book) .

4) The criminal history of your neighborhood police (must be affirmed by the Chinese international safe haven in your nation)

5) Candidates must be propelled, enthusiastic, and energetic.

6) Mental and physical wellbeing

7) Age of 25 to 40 years of age.

Day subtleties:

Sort of Full Time Contract (1 year)

Area: China, Beijing, Xi Xiaoxiao Xiaodian Station (Subway Line 8)

Sort of school: International kindergarten

1) We instruct as a full time worker in our worldwide kindergarten.

2) We set up the calendar inside business hours.

3) Cooperation with scholastic groups for school occasions.

4) Demo exercises.

Working hours:

7:20 am 12:02 am to 5:20 pm

Summer excursion and winter get-away.

Wages and advantages

1) Base rate: 20,000 yuan - 25,000 yuan/after assessment

2) Accommodation: We will enable you to discover lodging for educators. The organization gives month to month lease of 2000 yuan.

3) Appropriate work visa

4) Pick up at the air terminal.

5) Paid occasions

6) It is loaded with summer excursion and winter get-away.

6) Contract recharging reward 5000RMB

7) One-way ticket 5000RMB (discount, installment after contract end)

8) During your first remain in China, the organization offers 7 days (the loft isn't yet embellished)

9) Professional training and help.

10) Application expense of 1,500 KRW (Refund after culmination of Z visa application)

11) Health Examination in China 612RMB (China) (Full discount of Z visa)

12) Degree of confirmation charge 1500RMB (Refund after all methods of Z visa)

13) No criminal experience 1500 confirmation charges (Refund after finishing of Z visa strategy)

14) Residence Permit Application Fee 400RMB ~ 800RMB (full discount of Z visa)

Vital data for applicants (kindly send it to our email or wechat):


2 Photos

3 self presentation recordings (must have)

4 Path ID page (international ID number can be indicated for security reasons)

Proficient ESL affirmation and 5 duplicates

question :

Organization: ICAN English EDU Co., Ltd.

Transportation address: Beijing Headquarters - Beijing Haidian District KE SHI Mission Building B, B-10B-1

Telephone: +8617710532046

Wechat: leochmiel

Contact: Leo Foreign Language Teacher.

Contact Email Address:

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