Aishitian Education in China is currently seeking for a professional, enthusiastic and student-centered ESL instructor

Aishitian Education in China is currently seeking for a professional, enthusiastic and student-centered ESL instructor

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 25, 2019

Aishitian Education is focused on giving top notch educational modules to Chinese understudies in English language classes. Established in 2007, Aishitian Education is a standout amongst the most universally situated learning focuses in Qingdao, China today.

Qingdao's principle site gives the Global Assessment Certificate (or educational programs, GAC, directed by AES, an auxiliary of ACT Inc.) to seniors who are planning to learn at colleges in the United States or Canada. The GAC program underlines learning, basic reasoning, experiential learning, and college style appraisal. For more data on the GAC educational programs, if it's not too much trouble visit We additionally offer an assortment of language programs for nearby colleges and middle schools.

One of our accomplice schools in the northern rural areas of Qingdao is currently searching for a committed, eager understudy focused ESL instructor. Language structure understudies are from 15 to 17 years of age. The begin date for this position is March 2019.

1. Title: ESL and Foundation English Instructor In Grades 10 and 11, the educator will show English as a Second Language for secondary school understudies. Furthermore, the teacher will give the GAC-financed English language program to little gatherings in anticipation of the general GAC course at the Qingdao Center. Establishment English gets ready understudies for the most cruel and scholastic GAC program.

2. Work: Cheng Yang. It is around a little ways from downtown in suburbia of Qingdao, around a short ways from TAO (Qingdao International Airport).

3. Remuneration Package

Low maintenance: 200-250 yuan/hour, transportation charge.

Full time: 16,000 ~ 17,000 or more: Free lodging or lodging sponsorship. Free suppers on grounds Monthly reward

4. Necessities

* English as a local language of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom or the United States.

* degree

* An involvement in showing English language oral learning to understudies.

5. Undertaking Description

* Part time: 4-12 exercises/week

* Full time: 20 hours every week and 4 business hours seven days

* Classification, exercise designs and different materials identified with class.

* Staff gatherings and other expert improvement exercises may expect travel to Qingdao Center.

* A decent open door for competitors wishing to manufacture instructive encounters with the possibility to show exercises at the core of our city.

6. Please reply by the following contact Information:

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