Kid Lingual English in China is now looking for English teachers coming ASAP or this July, 2019 - Mandarin not required

Kid Lingual English in China is now looking for English teachers coming ASAP or this July, 2019 - Mandarin not required

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Outside instructors need ~

School Information:

Established in Hangzhou in 2011, Kid Lingual English was once in the past known as Parade English, yet it is a vivid English training community for Chinese youngsters matured 3 to 14 years. Child Lingual offers world class guidance and the chance to instruct in every classroom in a loose and well disposed air. We need to give our understudies an extremely appealing and powerful learning background in English.

We are searching for educators to come as quickly as time permits or in July 2019.

Expected set of responsibilities:

Class hours: 1 hour out of every hour, remaining 10 minutes There is a Chinese partner educator in the classroom. Mandarin isn't essential.

Classes: 21 to 25 hours out of every week.

Business hours: 11 ~ 15 hours out of every week.

Shut: It is shut on the second of weekdays. There are classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

Task diagram

We work with Chinese educators to instruct English to youngsters from kindergarten through grade school.

We are additionally associated with the R and D process known as educational programs advancement.

I take an interest in extracurricular exercises and social exercises of the school.

Love and empathy, enthusiasm for kids.

Educators are urged to train educational programs, pursue their instructional rules steadfastly, compose their exercise designs, and give concentrated learning aptitudes to understudies through exercises, for example, pretend and perusing. Singing and moving

wage :

Term: a year

Base rate: 12 ~ 18,000 RMB (1,800 USD ~ 2,600 USD)/month (after duty) contingent upon the yearly instructive experience and capability

Lodging remittance: 3K yuan every month (450 USD)

The fundamental dimension is 84 exercises every month. Extra educational cost will be paid. On the off chance that you surpass 84 classes between the months, you will be charged 200 KRW per class.

administration :

Discount of legitimization of testament (degree/TEFL or TESOL or CELTA/criminal record)

Reimbursement of VISA's work (VISA Z)

Flying portions (up to 5 yuan for each agreement year)

Presentation of expert instruction and Chinese culture

Landing airplane terminal free inn get (as long as 3 days)

It will support you find reasonable convenience.

Gives a manual for living in a similar city. For instance, Communications and Transportation (WeChat Ali Pay DiDi VPN).

Protection affirmed by the Chinese government.

Group Building

Yearly leave paid (as long as 10 days for every agreement)

assessment :

Over BS

More than 2 years involvement in English classes.

local speaker

Fit the bill for TEFL/TESOL/CELTA

Contact :


Work force Manager

Contact Email Address:
Website URL:

601, Jiangjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

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