International High School Academic Supervisor to assist the Director to manage English teacher team in China

International High School Academic Supervisor to assist the Director to manage English teacher team in China

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Set of working responsibilities:

Area: City of Qingdao China.

Contract period: Beginning with the second year, work visa.

Weekdays: Monday to Friday. End of the week two days off.

Working hours: 40 hours per week.

Rewards and advantages:

Pay: 28,000 yuan - 30,000 yuan a month ahead of time.

Accomodation: 3,000 won for each month for the utility before reimbursement of the home and assessments.

Nourishment: Food is served.

Occasions: We have completely paid yearly Chinese occasions on the eleventh.

Occasions: Total pay rates in winter and summer.

Kwon: From the agreement forward and backward to the reward of movement just yuan.

Protection: medical coverage, disaster protection and mishap protection.

Yearly physical examination: Provided.

Visa work: Provide work grants to apply for a work visa.

Representative learning for youngsters - diminished limits.


Degree or more. Training and relatives Your Majesty.

local speaker.

Authentications that train the vital tests or English and a substantial testament from a secondary school are favored.

Classes are desirable over secondary school.

Language Skills: Special spotlight on field composing, oral correspondence, great information of explicit abilities and solid correspondence. Keen on instructing ESL educating and/or non-English talking understudies.

Specialized Ability: Ability to utilize PC innovation for research information the board, correspondence and different requests.

Thinking aptitudes: Very great information in the accompanying zones: considering, critical thinking, hierarchical elements and enthusiastic knowledge.

Working condition: educator with office space, classroom or exceptional offices.

Errand diagram Responsibility:

Educator of the International High School as an instructor who coordinates the understudy through the execution of the work being portrayed while supporting the chief by dealing with the personnel and improving the scholarly dimension of the ISD.

Instructors are in charge of classroom guidance, addresses, item pioneers, patrons of educational programs and educational modules improvement.

200 SCHOOL SCHEDULE 190 Long school day 17:30 7:50 am. Instructor and logbook 200 - 210 days. (It must match the timetable of the school in the right school days.)

Every exercise takes around 26 exercises for 40 to 50 minutes for every class.

We bolster enhancement programs.

I take part in vital educator preparing.

Create educational programs and start-up segments for your school.

We bolster worldwide rules through educational modules complete arranging and getting the hang of as indicated by the inquiries of the square arrangement.

Meet preparing prerequisites and consistence with the ISD program.

Understudy the executives support.

Contact address Email:

Telephone: (86) 158 2749 1525

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