Amerlish in China is hiring English teachers for Pre-K and up! Come join our teaching team and help us.

Amerlish in China is hiring English teachers for Pre-K and up! Come join our teaching team and help us.

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Americans employ Pre-K and more educators! Join our group and help us make another age of socially qualified Korean individuals.

Instructs nonpartisan American elocution in vivid conditions utilizing a novel educational programs concentrated on writing and culture. We will likely form a strong establishment for youthful understudies and to give numerous chances to development and development.

Amerix is ​​committed to giving a positive encounter to all educators. Our organization is controlled by a group of Americans who lived in China for a long time. We are truly adept at foreseeing our instructors' inquiries and concerns. We are likewise dedicated to the progress from standard solaces at home to an energizing way of life in Beijing. So spare the problem of work for one of the numerous noncontact and socially aloof businesses, spare your dissatisfaction and cerebral pains, and have an incredible time working with the United States!


The obligations and duties of the ESL Coach are:

- Teaches up to 25 exercises for each week in the study hall.

- Classes from kindergarten to initially review of primary school contingent upon the present number of understudies.

- Prepare a week after week exercise plan for your learning.

- Name the test, explain assignments, and remark on the understudy's evaluations in an opportune way.

- Supporting coordinations and occasion arranging and regular social exercises.

- Support advertising by enlisting understudies as conceivable by instructing exhibition classes.

Capability :

• Graduated from an American college and earned a four year certification or higher.

o Major fields of study: TESOL, ESL English instruction.

• TESOL affirmation (helps capability for the ideal individual).

• English local speakers.

• 24 years old or more established.

• Experience working with youngsters with an instructor, advisor, or mentor.

• Especially in China, abroad treks or work experience outweigh everything else.

• Knowledge of Microsoft Office and Excel.

• An expert method to work and work in a gathering domain.

• Adapt to changes in work and effectively adapt to ordinary undertakings.

• Set objectives and compose, plan and execute assignments without supervision of the CEO.

administration :

• Free trip to China.

• Refund of work visa application and preparing.

• Paid condo lodging appropriations.

• Monthly beginning compensation of candidate affirmed by TESOL is 14,000 yuan

• Health Insurance.

• Members of wellness studios.

• Vacation time in China with numerous PTOs.

• Benefits to representatives

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