Foreign English Specialist Job in Henan, China - Courses: Oral English - Workload: 18 teaching hours

Foreign English Specialist Job in Henan, China - Courses: Oral English - Workload: 18 teaching hours

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Established in 1994, Shengda University is the Zhengzhou University branch, which is the main superb college in Henan, and was in the 'Task 211' in China. In the spring of 2011, Shengda University is on track to turn into an undeniable college with the privilege to part.

Bookkeeping, global exchange and unknown dialect notoriety Shengda Henan is a standout amongst the most well known schools for understudies of things to come. Shengda is likewise known to oblige work generally high after graduation.

Remote instructors live in a genuinely substantial network of around 10 outside partners. The educator additionally has an in-house corner in English that is overseen by a remote instructor, for example, a cinema, a bar without liquor, and cooling.

Henan's recorded criticalness will furnish guests with a genuine Chinese encounter. The region depends on 4000 years of history, beginning with the Summer Dynasty, China's first administration. Shaolin Temple, the Buddhist cavern of the Rungman Cave, the Yutai Mountains and the excellent region of ​​the valley.

Outside English Professionals

1 year contract (from September 2017 to July 2018)

- Workload: 18 exercises (45 minutes for every exercise) + 2 exercises for every week

- Course: Oral English

- Class measure: Up to 30 penmanship classes up to 30


- Native American speakers Preferred US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand

- Education: Over BS

- Certification: TESOL/TEFL (Excluding training or English course)

- Experience: over 2 years instructive experience.

Compensation and advantages bundle

- Monthly pay: 8500-9500RMB (experience and capability standard)

~ Flight Return: Round Trip

~ Free Stay: Single or Couple Furniture and Private Apartments

- Public administrations of installment: water, power, web.

- Paid excursion: 3 get-aways per semester. Winter get-away (a month)

~ Travel Bonus: 1500RMB

~ Health: Comprehensive Health Insurance

How would I join?

On the off chance that you are intrigued, if it's not too much trouble send your resume, duplicate of international ID page, recognition and authentication to

You can send a fax to 0086-(0) 371-6243-6336.

It would be ideal if you visit our site at

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