This is a full-time (40 hours/week) English teaching position in China with daytime working hours ~ 17,000RMB in Beijing

This is a full-time (40 hours/week) English teaching position in China with daytime working hours ~ 17,000RMB in Beijing

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, May 12, 2019


BEIJING: From August 2019, we will start the 2 + 1-day Central America High School Alliance Program at another secondary school in eastern Beijing close to the Dong 5-chome ring street. Understudies go through portion of the day at the Chinese exercise center and the other half take English and English classes. There are likewise AP, SAT and TOEFL planning courses.

Understudies are secondary school understudies voyaging universally. They are finishing the last year of one of the three accomplice colleges in the United States. Amid this period they will research and submit applications to US colleges.

position :

This is an all day work day (40 hours out of every week) and instructors are relied upon to show 15-18 exercises for every week (40 minutes every exercise). The educator gets ready day by day exercise plans, shows understudies, assesses understudy advance, offers criticism to different gatherings, and teams up with instructors and different instructors to add to a library of educational modules and course readings and infrequently take an interest in the occasion. End of the week

administration :

Focused rates (around 17,000 yuan for each month in Beijing), just as instructors get a free remain at the lodging inn. Different advantages include: Annual single direction tickets between the US and China for wellbeing and work visas. UU and China have two weeks or three weeks of paid winter excursion and a month of paid summer get-away and some paid get-away of Chinese and American occasions.

We are a quickly developing business association with existing projects in other Chinese urban communities. The association has openings for work for persuaded, cognizant, and inspired instructors.

This is another school new program, so there are difficulties and openings. In the event that you can appreciate punching and moving back and being a piece of something new, it may be your most solid option.

The agreement time frame is debatable, however in a perfect world two years. The begin date is mid-August 2019.


- Master's certificate in TESOL or related fields with a degree or above

- 2 years of important instructive experience (in a perfect world at the secondary school level) and/or TEFL accreditation

- I know about the US advanced education framework.

- Experience work with youth.

- I emphatically lean toward living abroad, particularly in China


- Patient and adaptability in a dynamic evolving condition.

- Consciousness and obligation all through the study hall.

- Desire to regard different societies and comprehend remote encounters.

- There is an eagerness to teach and think about youth in China.

- I need to live, work and learn in China.

Contact :

If you don't mind send your resume, brief self-presentation, accessibility to

Thanks a lot

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