We are seeking for kindergarten English teachers in Beijing, China in this October - Salary: RMB 18,000-20,000 monthly

We are seeking for kindergarten English teachers in Beijing, China in this October - Salary: RMB 18,000-20,000 monthly

Date of Job Posted: Monday, September 2, 2019

We are searching for kindergarten English instructors in Beijing this October. It is the best time to apply. On the off chance that you are prepared to take an interest in our organization, you possess enough energy for a visa identified with your work visa.


● We get ready and give English exercises and English exercises.

• Introduce kids to math, language, science, and social examinations.

● Teach essential abilities utilizing apparatuses, for example, games, music, illustrations, films, books, and PCs.

● Work with partners to plan and lead school exercises inside and outside.

● Responsible for kids' day by day adapting, live in kindergarten and guarantee security.

Employment Content of Preschool ESL:

Area: China, Beijing.

Contract period: first grade, as of October 2019

Understudy age: 3-6 years.

Working hours: Free from Monday to Friday, 8 hours out of every day.

Arrangement: 18-25.

Rewards and Benefits:

Pay: 18,000-20,000 won for every month.

Two settlement choices:

- Option 1: Free remain in rural imparted loft to 2 rooms and parlor (counting open administration) with kitchenware and private restroom.

- Option 2: locate your very own condo and offer a lodging remittance of 3,000 yuan for each month.

Open Holidays: 11 Chinese occasions and school occasions, paid every year.

In the main year, after the seven-day augmentation of full-paid yearly leave, the subsequent year is 14 days of full-paid yearly leave.

Residency license is a discounted obligatory therapeutic assessment.

Normal preparing, free TEFL course in China.

Advancement and vocation openings

Progressing collaboration exercises.

8,000 RMB conversion scale for every admission paid when marking contract

Protection: Comprehensive wellbeing and mishap protection.

Work Visa: Yes, present your work grant.

Get administration from the airplane terminal.


Four year certification or above.

Local speakers are liked.

Whenever intrigued, it would be ideal if you email info@clickchn.com, bless your heart.

Contact Email Address:


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