Meten is an ESL training center in China, and needs ESL teachers - Salary up to 18, 000 RMB per month

Meten is an ESL training center in China, and needs ESL teachers - Salary up to 18, 000 RMB per month

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Instructed in menten

Meten Training Center. As it were, we serve customers after normal preparing and business hours. For educators, it implies that a large portion of their day by day schedules start toward the evening and end around evening time. On ends of the week, you work in the first part of the day or evening, and you need a two-dawn from Monday to Friday.

Show 4-5 hours per day, 6 hours every week during week work. One hour endures 25 hours every week. There are 10 hours of advising seven days for class readiness. They center basically around class planning, yet additionally incorporate month to month educator preparing and week after week mandarin exercises of choices.

Principle duty

25 exercises + 10 business hours out of every week

Showing an assortment of aptitudes and an assortment of English courses.

· Develop classes and different occasions utilizing imaginative aptitudes

Help understudies study hard

Week by week meeting/preparing interest and cooperation

Trust in self-advancement and expert improvement in a quickly developing powerful group.

METEN Exploration Program

The course utilized is structured and worked by National Geographic. Meten's 'center program' contains every single regular class. Classes are balanced to four or one to ten. Notwithstanding the 'center program' class, there is additionally a unique class called "I appear". In the "example" class, educators can discuss any subject. Urge understudies to rehearse English in their indigenous habitat and is at times thought about a class.

On the off chance that you are keen on films as an instructor, you can make a topic for your group through motion pictures. On the off chance that you've picked up acting in school, you can change the acting class that day. It doesn't drive you to pursue the educator educational plan, yet rather gives you the opportunity to talk innovatively with the instructor support classes.


Local speakers of UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa

Four year college education or higher

TEFL authentication of attractive showing knowledge of 120 hours or 2 years

Receptive and committed to proficient instruction.


12,500 ~ 18,000 RMB/month in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen

Different areas are somewhere in the range of 12,000 and 16,000 RMB every month (in view of instructive experience)

Lodging stipends of 2,000 to 3,000 RMB relying upon the city

12 Chinese occasions +10 yearly occasions

Airfare: 8,000-10 RMB (rest of entry 4000 RMB contract)

2,500 RMB Quarterly Performance Bonus

Discount of visa records (5,000 won)

· 7 days lodging entry charge

Mishap and full medical coverage

Free Mandarin Lessons

Full support expense

Training and proceeding with instruction.

Educational plan improvement, chances to create proficient aptitudes of neighborhood mentors.

Contact Information:

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