Haidian International School in China has an ESL teaching position for an elementary school (grades 1 - 6)

Haidian International School in China has an ESL teaching position for an elementary school (grades 1 - 6)

Date of Job Posted: Friday, September 20, 2019

The assignment of instruction by and large applies to primary school undergrad ESL grade teachers (grades 1-6).

This area is on the new "Jingbei" grounds in the north of Beijing, about 1.5-2 hours via vehicle. The rough address is: (China Hebei Chang Furniture City Hua H Coming: 40 ° 27'27.0 "N 115 ° 45'48.0" W). The new Jingbei grounds is in excess of 700,000 square meters and can suit 5,000 understudies. Close to Beijing, this is a delightful region of ​​China, an extraordinary open door for outside sweethearts who care about their wellbeing. Moreover, Jingbei grounds is 500 meters above ocean level (high woods), so the air quality is greatly improved than in focal Beijing. At last, Jingbei Campus is close to where China will have the 2020 Winter Olympics.

Keep in mind: This is an incredible open door for expert educators to build up themselves on the ground floor of a wonderful new grounds in an energizing territory of ​​China. Jingbei Campus has been assembled, sold, worked, and overseen by an effective scholarly association (Beijing Hai dian Foreign Language City Yan School) for over 20 years. Indeed, Jingbei grounds is the fourth school grounds in territory China. Different locales are in Beijing, Wuhan and Hainan.

Get in touch with us for photographs, point by point areas, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Installment and Benefits:

- 24,000 won for each month (all out pay, around 10 months of the year.

- 10,000 won (absolute compensation) of a two-month excursion;

- A part of an exhibition based reward framework that enables you to win rewards of up to 4,500 CNY (aggregate of 9,000 CNY in two periods) toward the part of the arrangement.

- 200 grants for each month for PC/educating materials.

- Free suppers on weekdays (breakfast, lunch and supper);

- Refunds of tickets from your nation of origin (Economic Class Return) when a year.

- Medical protection paid by the school (national remuneration of residential and outer patients);

- Paid Leave (5 semesters);

- Furnished loft with month to month sponsorships.

- 200 grants for each month for PCs or course books.

- Refunds of expenses brought about when applying for a Chinese work visa.

- Free suppers (breakfast, lunch, supper) at school each business day;

- The proprietor can stretch out the agreement for quite a long time to come.

Required capabilities:

- Native English speakers;

- BA and TEFL (least accreditations) of 120 hours;

- The age at the hour of passage can not surpass 60 years of age for the explanation of applying for a work visa.

- Very roused, enthusiastic, lively, inventive and diverting.

Sun subtleties:

- 6-12 years of age understudy.

- There is a Chinese-English educator in your group to help you in your group

Full-time: Monday to Friday, from 7:40 am to 12 pm, from 2 pm to 4:30 pm. Around 30 hours class seven days. 40 minutes for every class.

If it's not too much trouble send the accompanying article to check quickly: Recruitment of bjhdis dotcom

- CV Summary

- The most abnormal amount of review

- Scan on the off chance that you have a preparation permit and/or accreditation

- Scan identification pages

2 expert references (letters, however adequate for book index)

Haidian International School cultivates understudies with the capacity to prevail in Chinese and Western school settings. Our understudies are scholastically different, have basic reasoning aptitudes, have individual respectability and are affable, kind and generally significant.

Thinking about Others. The instructor's main goal is to make profitable associations with guardians and staff, to make a class domain appropriate for learning and self-awareness, to construct associations with understudies, and to improve understudies' scholastic and fundamental abilities.

Contact Us:

Contact Email Address: recruitment@bjhdis.com

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