Maple Leaf International School in China is looking for International School ESL teachers - Up to RMB 17,000/month

Maple Leaf International School in China is looking for International School ESL teachers - Up to RMB 17,000/month

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, February 20, 2020

Do you prefer to import TEFL grades into China under a two-year contract? Need free ends of the week and free evenings? With a completely paid summer/winter excursion. There are numerous focal points to this paper!

• Competitive compensation with great workplace.

• Various profession openings.

• Professional and logical instruction framework.

• Good execution of child rearing and child rearing.

ESL International School

Set of working responsibilities

● Place: China Wuhan, Tianjin, Erudos, Huzhou, Hu drop, Chongqing, Pingding, We Baby Haikou profundity Shenzhen.

● Contract Period: Two-year contract when a work visa is given in June 2020.

● Student age: 6-18 years of age.

● Business Days: Monday through Friday. Rest for two ends of the week.

● Work plan: Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm, 2pm to 5pm

● Lesson:

- 25 exercises for each week from primary school, 40 minutes for every exercise.

- High school 40 minutes for every exercise, 25 exercises for each week.

- 70 minutes of the week for 15 exercises for each week from secondary school.

Wages and Benefits

Compensation: 12,500 won to 17,000 won for every month

+ Free autonomous condos

+ Winter and summer occasions are completely paid (90 days all out)

+ 5 days wiped out leave 15 days wiped out leave ($ 50 conclusion for every day)

+ 11 days full paid get-away and yearly Christmas date

+ MSH Insurance of Family

+ Vaccination awards for educators, life partners and kids.

+ Work grant

+ Signature reward

+ Complete criminal record check and no discount

+ Workshop for creating profession aptitudes.

+ Share motivating force plans

+ Collection charge: China will be paid 3000 yuan

+ Airport get administration

+ Orientation

Return tickets are discounted to half of the remote instructors, life partners and kids.

Tickets to get there and back are discounted for classes for remote educators, their first children and the remainder of the children.

educational cost :

• half off one of the outside educator's children, up to $ 2,000 every year

• 75% off second youngster, up to $ 1,000 every year


• Native speakers liked

• Bachelor's Degree or higher

• Previous work understanding. It isn't required.

If it's not too much trouble reach us with your resume and introductory letter -

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