Teach ESL to 3-15 years old students in a beautiful city of China - Good package + Yearly bonus + Ticket + Work Visa

Teach ESL to 3-15 years old students in a beautiful city of China - Good package + Yearly bonus + Ticket + Work Visa

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Educate ESL to understudies from 3 to 15 years in a wonderful city. Great bundle + yearly reward + ticket + visa. You can begin after the infection is expelled.

Expected set of responsibilities

[Kings English Information]

Ruler's English for Kids is an eager and regarded school of youngsters established in 2008 in Tianjin, China. Our administrative center is situated in Tianjin, established in 1999. It was the first IELTS test focus in the city. At present, Tianjin has six focuses with in excess of 40 outside educators, and more instructors will open soon. Each middle has its very own and individual touch, however all are devoted to Kings, and with a brilliant and roomy structure with current materials and showing materials, all focuses are the perfect spot for staff to work.

Tianjin utilizes ESL English instructors for youngsters consistently!

[ESL Teacher Task]

1. Show kids 3 to 15 years old.

2. Present day and intuitive instructive office.

3. 21 hours of guidance for every week from Wednesday to Sunday. There is no office plan.

4. Greatest class size is 12 understudies.

5. Showing English-speaking Chinese educating from all classes.

6. All exercise plans are given.

7. TESOL courses are advertised.

[Tianjin Information]

Some time ago known as Tianjin in English, Tianjin is a city on the north shoreline of territory China, one of five focal urban areas in the nation with a populace of 15,469,500. It is likewise the 6th most crowded city on the planet. It is under direct administration of the focal government since it is overseen as one of China's four direct administration networks. Tianjin is adjoining Beijing City, which is contiguous the Yellow Sea Bo Sea Bay toward the east of Hebei Province. Bo is the biggest waterfront city in northern China as a feature of the ocean's financial preferred position.


[] ESL Teacher Requirements

1. College degree or above.

2. English showing capabilities (TEFL, CELTA, TESOL) are liked.

Prepared to sign a 3.1 year contract.

4. You are conversant in English.


[Benefits for ESL Teachers]

1. Fundamental pay: 13,000 ~ 17,000 won for each month relying upon capability and experience.

2. Flawless Attents Monthly Bonus: 500RMB.

3. Lodging remittance: 2,500 won for every month.

4. The year-end reward is up to 10,000 won.

5. RMB 1,000-2,000 expanded each year.

6. Single direction tickets are discounted up to 5,000 won.

7. Medical coverage.

8. Legitimate work visa.

9. TESOL courses are advertised.

10. Preparing: The educator will give consistent preparing during the completely prepared class upon appearance.

11. Get-away: All Chinese occasions and paid excursion on summer or winter ends of the week.

YouTube interface: https://youtu.be/U_RxP8z6_X8

To apply for this area, send your resume and current photograph to tingyuewei@foxmail.com. Apply now and you can begin after the infection in China is finished.

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