Mary’s Oasis Education Center is a private International Kindergarten founded in China, and needs ESL teachers

Mary’s Oasis Education Center is a private International Kindergarten founded in China, and needs ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Mary Oasis Education Center

Mary's Oasis Education Center is a private global kindergarten established in 2011. It joins the components of Chinese custom with the hypothesis of present day Western instruction (Montessori Highscope...) to make an interesting framework reasonable for universal customers. Mary's Oasis includes Chinese and German language classes in an appealing English condition. We offer particular pre-school classes by qualified educators to meet the necessities of the English, German and Chinese educational systems.

We are available to all offspring everything being equal. Our kindergarten is attempting to adjust instruction as per segment qualities (i.e., Chinese and global youngsters). This assists youngsters with making homerooms where they can encounter various societies and individuals to plan for an assorted world.

Instructor obligation

• Working hours: 8:30 am Monday through Friday. 4:30 PM

• Be a genuine model for kids (ie language, table manners...)

• Prepare and show the exercise.

• Plan and sort out exercises/occasions.

• Creating and checking the climate of the homeroom (ie runs for groups and youngsters)

• Monitor and bolster youngster advancement.

• Collaborate with educators to lead and oversee study hall groups.

• Full documentation (ie month to month plan/study plan)

What we offer:

• There is a distinction somewhere in the range of 9000RMB and 16000RMB by pay qualification

• Legal visa for individual help on appearance.

• Full help for adjusting to Chinese life

• Negotiable excursion days

• Schools are liable to China's excursion plan.

• Paid summer and winter excursions

• Health protection (debatable)

• Available living space (debatable)

• Lunch (Western and Chinese)

• Transportation accessible (fluctuates by district)

• cousin

• Refund of flight cost (debatable)

• Continuous instructor training and expert advancement programs.

• Promotional open doors in the board, instruction and advertising.

To apply, you will require:

• University degree with first cycle or higher

• English-talking individual

• 120 hours of TEFL/TESOL authentication on the web and more than 2 years of attractive preparing experience

• A real enthusiasm for creating training and expert aptitudes.

• Open disapproved, persistent, gutsy, and expertly adaptable.

Instructions to apply:

On the off chance that you are intrigued, if you don't mind email your resume and current photograph to Telephone: +86 2489394100 (Oasis)

For more data about our kindergarten, if you don't mind get to our site

Contact Information:
Telephone: +86 2489394100 (Oasis)

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