International School in China is recruiting English teachers and other subject teachers - 22-30K + Free apartment

International School in China is recruiting English teachers and other subject teachers - 22-30K + Free apartment

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, June 25, 2020

August 2020/International School

Family Allowance/High School Education Day

English/Food/Social Studies/Mathematics/Economics/Physics/Chemistry/Art/Humanities/Sports

22~30K + free loft

11 urban areas in China

Set of working responsibilities:

- Workload: 25 exercises for each week/exercise 40 minutes/8am 12pm 1pm 5pm/working hours/free ends of the week.

- Location: Shanghai/Chongqing/Tianjin/Wuhan/Jinan/Xi'an/Dalian/Haifeng/Battlefield/Yancheng/Luoyang City, China.

- Visas: 1 English and Food/9 English and Sociology/4 Math and Natural Sciences/2 Physics/1 Chemistry/1 Personality/1 Economics/1 Art Teacher.

- Age of understudy: 3-6/6-12/12-15/15-18.

Rewards and advantages:

- 53,000-71,000 Canadian dollars (barring charge). „ÄźPayment relies upon preparing for quite a while. Contingent upon the current conversion scale, it is around 22 to 30,000 Canadian dollars for every month.

- Free grounds autonomous homes or lodging advantages of 1.8,000 yuan every month.

- For tickets:

Discount of return tickets for outside educators and their mates Half discount for youngsters.

Return ticket for outside educators and first kid One discount Half discount for resigned kids.

Family MSH Insurance. Inoculation awards for educators, life partners and youngsters.

- a month and a half summer get-away a month of winter get-away and October and May occasions in China each covered multi week.

- Re-marking reward: degree without discount of the confirmation expense of the criminal record.

- Professional advancement workshop.

- Tuition charge: half rebate for 1 youngster outside educator and second kid up to $2,000 every year. 25% markdown on the class. Up to $1,000 every year.

- Adjustment-Subsidy: 5K will be paid to show up in China.

- Sick leave: 5 days of wiped out leave per 15 days of debilitated leave (50 dollars deducted every day).

- Work visa is given.

Necessities :

- Bachelor's certificate or higher, PGCE/PGDE/HDIP/Education specialization.

- An individual whose local language is Chinese, which can send a work grant, is liked.

- After graduating, he studied the undergrad division with a significant in over two years.

- All educators need to get a BC training endorsement before beginning work in China. Schools bolster this procedure.

The most effective method to contact:

WeChat ID: grisverde

Contact Email Address:

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