Native full time English language speaking teacher needed in Nonsan, about 150 km south of Seoul, Korea

Native full time English language speaking teacher needed in Nonsan, about 150 km south of Seoul, Korea

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Geumgang University (, located about 150km south of Seoul, Korea, is requesting a full-time English instructor to begin classes on March 1, 2018.

Eligibility Required
1. Students must have a master's degree (or equivalent) or, preferably, an English education major.
2. Have at least two years of teaching experience in conversation, discussion, and other English subjects. Create a composition especially at a high school or university level educational institution.
3. Meet the qualifications set forth in the Private School Act of Korea and the rules of the University of Kumgang.
4. Qualified visa The owner of E1 or a person who is the subject of such a visa.

1. Teach 15 hours a week (if exceeded, teachers will receive overtime pay according to school rules)
2. From Monday to Friday (from 8 am to 9 pm)
3. Teaching undergraduate English courses such as conversation, discussion, writing.

Required Documents
1. Application
2. Resume (with cover)
3. Self introduction
4. Educational plan
5. Referrals
6. Employment Health Examination at the designated hospital (after confirmation of employment)
7. Copy of passport (especially photos and signature page)
8. The original of the certificate or job experience (for your educational or research experience specified in your resume)
9. B.A., M. A., Ph.D. copy. Diploma and transcript
10. Copy of alien registration card in Korea
11. A copy of the publication (PDF or hard copy)
12. Professional License (TESOL / TEFL certificate or teacher certificate etc.)

Salary and benefits
1. (M.A. Holder) $ 2,782,525 per month before tax payment (subject to school rules, depending on your job experience)
2. (Doctoral degree holder) From 2,903,275 won per month before tax payment (subject to change of school rules according to your job experience)
3. Single Bed and Private Bathroom Private Dormitory Room is available in private office.
4. Attached to the private pension law of Korean teachers
5. Summer vacations and winter vacations (Summer / winter camps and other English language programs are required.

Submit documents
1. All documents should be submitted to by e-mail.
2. All required documents must arrive by January 21st.
3. For further information, please contact Professor Ha Eung-Cheon (+ 82-010-5301-0094,

Screening Schedule
1. Application Deadline: January 21, 2018
2. Interview: January 22 to 24, 2018 (Jinjiang University)
3. Successful interview candidates: Notify by e-mail
4. Successful Candidate Announcement: January 27, 2018 (by email and phone)

Other precautions
1. The contract period is two years and can be extended if it meets the school's criteria for the attitude and evaluation of the instructor staff.
2. Documents submitted will not be returned.
3. The instructor can not have a criminal record. Also, there are no alcoholics and drug addicts that are prohibited by Korean law.
4. If at any stage of the examination or if the employment proves to be successful, even if it is proved to be false information, you must immediately terminate the contract and refund the salary at Geumgang University.
5. Other details not mentioned above are subject to school rules.

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