English speaking Drama/Performance/Science teachers needed in Seoul, Korea, March 2018 start

English speaking Drama/Performance/Science teachers needed in Seoul, Korea, March 2018 start

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

March 2018 Unusual Theater / Performance / Science Special Teacher Gangnam Station, Jamsil, Seocho, Itaewon Kaio Village

Depending on your interests, YBM headquarters can confirm specific details after you have officially applied.

All of the schools listed below are 100% fully guaranteed by YBM Corporation. There is no franchise school. Apply directly to the YBM headquarters for more information on each position.

Monday to Friday. There are no appointments for weekends or non-working hours.

March 2 The start date is the first day of March 5

In the following places there are positions for drama / musical teachers, teachers of science teachers, or standard teachers in the classroom.

Salary is 2.30 ~ 2.9 million won per month

Salary There is no monthly housing fee for the salary of 450,000.

Walking distance to Jamsil cGATE, Jamsil Station Lotte World, Sokkuk Lake Park

Matsu Gate is within walking distance to Gangnam Station and Shinnonhyun Station

Yongsan PSA: Yongsan (Seoul) Seoul Yongsan (Seongsan) Seoul 5 minutes from Nokusapen Station, near HBC & Itaewon

Gaepo PSA: Within 5 minutes walk from Guryong Subway Station

Bundang PSA: Min City 1 minute / sperm station

Suzhou LIA: Korean Education University Station near Gangnam Station


Native English speakers with E2 / D10 / F series status or E2 visa sponsorship papers
F2 / F5 / F6 visa applicants will need to register with the Education Office.

How to apply:

Please submit the following items from your resume letter to indicate where you would like to speak with your recent photos and contact information (please select multiple locations).

* If you are already in Korea with an E2 / D10 / F series visa, you can increase your processing speed by email from ARC card

* Applicants who need sponsorship of an E2 visa must update their crime records and update their Arbitration Degree passport photos.

Danny J. Kim

Human Resources Manager

YBM Headquarters

Email: danny@ybm.co.kr

Why choose YBM?

Reliability: YBM is a multi-million dollar organization that ensures the safety of employment and the reliability of contracts.
Full benefit: YBM is in compliance with health insurance, annuity, severance and ticket
Accessibility: YBM School is located in the most prime district of Seoul, Busan and Bundang
We have no recruit! Before signing the contract, you will receive certain information about your employment.

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