Seeking Full time English Language Lecturer for Graduate School in Ulsan, Korea

Seeking Full time English Language Lecturer for Graduate School in Ulsan, Korea

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, January 18, 2018

KEPCO International Nuclear University (KINGS) is recruiting full-time English instructors in March 2018. The school operates in three stages, allowing students in adult engineering to graduate within two years. The student body consists of Korean citizens and international adults from Asia, Africa and Europe.

1. Job description
- Location: Full-time English instructor (not an assistant professor of vietnamese track)
- Responsibility:
1) Lecture on technical writing
- Trimester 1 & 2 Total contact time: 8 / week
- Trimester 3 Total contact time: 4 / week
2) Student papers and project report correction
- Trimester 1 & 2 Total time: 6 / week
- Trimester 3 Total time: 12 / week
3) Other
- KINGS newsletter edition: 4 books a year
- Editing the official documents of the President's speech and letters

contract conditions
- Contract period: March 1, 2018 - February 28, 2019 (contract can be renewed according to evaluation)
- Annual salary: 38 million won
- Taxes: The monthly salary will be paid according to Korean tax law after all applicable tax deductions.
- Advantages :
1) Office space and campus dormitory rooms are provided.
- If you choose to live on campus, no allowance will be provided.
- Kitchen is included in the dormitory room.
- Dormitory monthly maintenance cost is deducted from salary.
2) Health insurance and pension are included. KINGS pays the employer's commission.
3) After the contract is concluded, one-way airfare shall be paid only to the home country of KINGS English teacher.

3. Qualifications
- Required: Master's degree in English / Education including English and English education
- First: Adult learners and teaching experience

4. How to apply
- Transfers: email to with all the necessary documents by January 30, 2018 (see below).

5. Required Documents
- Email application:
1) Resume
2) Self introduction letter
3) Two Recommendations
- Documents required for interview:
4) Copy of graduation certificate and transcript
5) Copy of employment certificate
6) Copy of passport and alien registration card
7) Copy of all professor certificate

6. Recruitment Procedures
- Step 1: Document review
- Step 2: Open Lectures and Interviews
- Mini-lecture in sentence (15 minutes)
- Face-to-face interviews (phone / Skype interviews are not allowed)
- Step 3: Employment Event

7. Other precautions
- Changes in immigration policy in Korea (Confirmation of transcripts and certification of diplomas) Remember how it affects your visa status when you get a new job.
- When you submit false information, the contract is released immediately.
- KINGS will only contact applicants who pass each stage individually.

8. Contact Information
- Team: Professor, KEPCO International Nuclear Graduate School
- Phone: + 82-52-712-7124
- E-mail:
- Website:

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