UNESCO Global Peace Village in Icheon, Korea is looking for two English Teachers

UNESCO Global Peace Village in Icheon, Korea is looking for two English Teachers

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Founded in 2008, UNESCO Global Peace Village (GPV) is a cooperative organization run by UNESCO (KNCU) and Icheon City National Committee. Since its opening in 2008, GPV has provided a unique English language learning environment and has prepared students to become global citizens.

Conversation with students: GPV teachers believe they have the power to stimulate every lesson. Every classroom is valuable every hour, and all students are likely to succeed. Our program has classes with cooking, sports, pottery and more.

What do you teach: GPV is affiliated with public elementary schools in the city. We think that teaching is a privilege. I can meet over 2,500 elementary school students of 2,000 throughout the year. GPV teachers are proving what is possible in English education in Korea. Because students come and stay one week (Monday to Friday), the village has an atmosphere camp that is not limited to classroom activities.

Table of contents: GPV teachers are curriculum designers. Our curriculum can be applied directly in a practical and relevant English dialogue scene.
Our teachers have creative ideas here:
● UNESCO's Core: Peace, Culture, Environment, World Heritage, Little United
● Culture Box Project: We can understand Korean language and culture through international cultural exchange with schools all over the world
● Vacation camps on various topics (social networks)
Learn how to use SNS, discuss various aspects of social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter
● Cultural Experience Program: Easter culture, Halloween program, Christmas tradition

conclusion? Our courses are easy for anyone to learn English. There is no creative limit.

Community: GPV is a hyper-creative and dynamic place. We like to keep things fun and work together with the staff of different cultures (USA, Canada, South Africa, UK).

I am currently looking for teachers in Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Working conditions
● Two English courses available: from February to April
● Weekend programs give you the opportunity to do unnecessary / additional work on weekends
● Two things have changed. (Weekdays: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm / night: 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm)
- 1 hour lunch break
- Map of 30 hours a week
● Small classes up to 17
● Seoul is easily accessible by bus, about 50 km from Seoul and Icheon.

Privilege: GPV teachers are hired by KNCU to get the benefits and benefits of KNCU and Icheon City.
● Base salary: Including meal subsidy (150,000 won) Monthly: 235 million ~ 252 million won
● 14 days vacation
● Return airfare
● Severance pay (after a one-year contract has been established)
● Accommodation (single room with private facilities)
● Basic household expenses are group (electricity, air-conditioning, Internet access, water service)
● Benefits such as medical insurance, national pension service, unemployment insurance based on the Korean Labor Law
● For contract renewal, a round-trip ticket will be provided to your home country on the 5th holiday.


Application Procedure:
Download the application form from the web page below and submit a cover letter to the form and noorilee@gpvunesco.or.kr or bd303639@naver.com

GPV web page: http://gpv.unesco.or.kr/en/community/notice.php

** Only applicants including cover letter and completed application will be judged.

UNESCO Global Peace Village
Website: http: //gpv.unesco.or.kr
Email: noorilee@gpvunesco.or.kr
Phone: 82 31 637 9840 Fax: 82 31 637 9894
Address: Incheon, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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