Daegu University in Daegu, Korea is looking for Full time English Teacher

Daegu University in Daegu, Korea is looking for Full time English Teacher

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, January 21, 2018

Daegu University will apply for the appointment of assistant professor in the 2018 spring semester. Daegu University will open on March 1, 2018. Daegu University is a private university in Daegu for about 40 minutes. Successful candidates are responsible for counseling students in our language classroom teaching the necessary English conversation classes. Most of the typical textbooks consist of English conversation, work English, TOEIC class, and time spent in the language clinic.

We are teaching some programs in the semester, including a lab-type class and an intensive program of adults. All the maps held during the semester are overtime, but there are few opportunities.

Entry qualifications will be accepted until the entry qualification is met.

Applicants who are available for interview will take precedence. All qualifications must be met at the time of application. We respond only to applicants who are the subject of the interview. Do not apply if you do not meet the minimum requirements!

Minimum qualification:
B.A. All subjects + 4 years of college teaching experience
M.A. All courses + more than 2 years of university teaching experience

*** Please note that the experience gained in public schools or in the Korean Academy can not count.
*** You do not count your experience with your degree at the same time.

Public school teaching experience outside of Korea is accepted for certified teachers and is calculated at a rate of one year = five years of university experience.

Applicants who do not meet these basic requirements are not considered. All qualifications must be completed upon application.

*** Only for people living in Korea ***

Contract period: 1 year from March 1, 2018 (Regeneration)

Duties: 12 hours a week
4 working hours per week (working with students at a language clinic in the office three times)
Temporary staff meetings and job responsibilities

Salary :
B.A.:26 million ($ 1.8 million per month after deductible)
M.A.:28,000,000 won (approx. 2.0 million won a month after deduction)
PhD: 31 million won (2.3 million yen per month after deduction)
Up to $ 1,000 Update Bonus
Salary: Housing subsidy of 400,000 won per month (not living on campus)
Secondary medical insurance
Payment at the end of all contracts 1,000,000 won Travel allowance
16 weeks vacation (8 weeks in summer and 8 weeks in winter)
Joining private pension system in Korea

send :
Teacher Employment Application: To access the Teacher Employment Application, please copy and paste the following link into your browser. The application is available as a .docx file at the bottom of the page. (http://www.daegu.ac.kr/sub.do?idx=421681&pageIdx=DG163&pageParentIdx=7&procMode=view&pageNo=1)
Cover letter
Informal university transcript
Copy of passport photo page
Copy of diploma and certificate
Copy of Alien Registration Card
Two letters of recommendation
Employment certificate issued by previous employer (required before interview)
A copy of the submitted diploma (required if material is clear)
A copy of the federal criminal record check (if required)

Recommended e-mail application:
Email: Patrick@daegu.ac.kr

Mailing Address: across Patrick
Professor, English Department, Daegu University
Daegu University Lon 201 Jinan Eup
Korea 38453

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