Native English Speaking Christian Teachers Wanted in Eumseong Gun, Mungyeong Si, Korea

Native English Speaking Christian Teachers Wanted in Eumseong Gun, Mungyeong Si, Korea

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Christian teachers need - English (ESL) Sociology - Economics - Business & Marketing, General Science - - Biology - Physics - Mathematics - Geometry - Mathematics -

(GEM) and related organizations, Global Vision Christian School (GVCS), are a community that foster future global leaders who will bring peace to the world with the goal of prospering all humanity.

The Global Vision Christian School (GVCS) is registered at the Christian School International (ACSI), which was established in 2003. GVCS is unique in the US middle school and high school systems compared to Korean public and private school systems. Based on the president's educational policy.

Campus: Venus
title :

1) English (ESL) - majored in English or journalism
2) Social Studies - Economics

- Business & Marketing

Campus: Mungyeong
title :

1) Those who majored in English-English or journalism
2) Social Studies - Economics

- Business & Marketing
3) General Science - General Science

- biology

- Physics
4) Mathematics - Mathematics
- Geometry
- Calculus

Qualification :
1) Christians are living a faith. Christian Kim is not assigned
2) Minimum Bachelor's Degree
3) A person with a missionary's way of thinking for education
4) Those who majored in curriculum or have a faculty member (first of all)

Document review
1) Educational program (GVCS format)
2) Preliminary investigation (GVCS format)
3) Resume
4) Diploma
5) Transcripts
6) Video clip of the lecture (15 minutes length)

*** Processing starts after the above documents are submitted.

1) Salary: 2.4 million won / month
If the renewal provides a special bonus (depending on the policy)
2) Airplane Ticket Fee, Transportation Fee (according to school policy) [Round Trip]
3) Vacation of 11 days per year
During the summer and winter breaks, five days of study leave are given
(It is valid for 15 days after one year depending on vacation, tenure.)
4) Housing supply
5) Lunch provided (dinner is provided during overtime)
6) Severance pay

Application Procedure
1) Judgment of documents
2) Interview
3) Reception notice
** You need to prepare a demo course during the interview.

Apply Now
1) Tel: + 82-70-4422-6288: Chris Yang
2) Email:
3) Deadline: as soon as possible
4) Start date: Start date after interview
5) School mail address:
- Geumseong Campus: Chungcheongbuk-do, Korea
- Woncheong Campus: Gyeongbuk Muncheong-si 369, Yongsun-myeon, Gyeongbuk

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