Changshin University in Changwon, Korea is Seeking for Native English Language Speaking Faculty

Changshin University in Changwon, Korea is Seeking for Native English Language Speaking Faculty

Date of Job Posted: Friday, January 26, 2018

Changshin University in Changwon, Korea is looking for a native English speaker who is interested in teaching English to college students.
● Qualifications
At least two years teaching experience at university level
- Master's or Ph.D. degrees in English related fields such as TESL and Applied.
Linguistics, English literature, English education.
- PhDs from other disciplines are also considered,
This is consistent with the courses offered at Changshin University.

● Responsibility
- Please teach me at least three hours a week more than 12 hours a week.
Time / week overtime is required.
- Education: English conversation, reading, writing, etc.
English related subjects
- 12 business hours (6 hours, 6 hours for students)
Class plan)
- Teaching classes in two classrooms, day and night
- Attend school-related events.

● Employment start date: March 1, 2018
- You must work at least one week before the day above.

● Term of employment
- The first contract is 12 months. Upon successful completion you will
If certain conditions are met, you can get another one year contract.

● Salaries and benefits
- Your beginner's salary: 33 million won per year
- Your excess wage: 30,000 won per hour
- separate office space with furniture, computer and internet access
- Campus rental housing (maintenance fee only)
- Health insurance, 50% of which is included in the university.
- Private school teacher pension system
- 8 weeks of paid annual leave: Winter 4 weeks Summer 4 weeks

● Required Documents
- Please send all the following documents to
February 9, 2018. Incomplete applications are not considered.
- The manuscript is needed in the interview.
1. Self-introduction
2. Current resume or resume
3. Recent passport photos within 6 months
4. College transcripts and college diplomas (graduate and / or undergraduate)
5. Copy of your foreign resident registration card if you live in Korea.
6. At least two advisories signed by the referee. more
The letter must include the referee's contact number.
Copy of past / present employment certificate
A copy of the background check of national crime in your home country.
9. A copy of the appeal of the Criminal Court in Korea
I lived in Korea.
10. You can ask for another item after you interview.
● For all inquiries, please contact Carol Kim at 82-10-2569-1141.

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