Looking for a Native English Language Teacher in Seoul, Korea, Great Hours, February Start

Looking for a Native English Language Teacher in Seoul, Korea, Great Hours, February Start

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 27, 2018

Introducing our school: Located opposite the Olympic Park, and walking on the Han River, Gangnam Pride Institute is an elite private academy that educates English learners. We pride ourselves on providing our students with the opportunity to learn English in a dynamic and creative environment with world-class teaching experience and fun. The KPI covers the number of students from kindergarten through 6th grade. Our staff has more than 20 foreign members registered. Most of them are taught extensively in EFL classrooms outside the world and EFL classrooms where they are qualified as teachers in their home countries. (www.kangnampride.com)

start date :

Job Description: Native English teacher who teaches elementary school students. Teaching up to 20 hours per week.

1: 00 ~ 7: 30 (30 minutes for lunch, including preparation time)

Ideal candidates:
* North American citizenship holders (US and Canada) are currently accepting F-type visas E-2, D-10
Education: Bachelor's degree or master's degree (education major preferred, but not required, all applicants will be considered)

Experience: You need some educational experience. Ideal candidates have a passion for education and love for children. He / she understands English well. The teacher has a good understanding of how to manage the classroom and the flexibility of the class to meet the needs of the individual and the level of the student. Patience, kindness, and desire to build strong relationships with students are important. The passion and energy introduced in your class, and creativity to entertain your learning.

Advantages :
Status salary: 2.5 mm (including housing allowance)
Housing: Housing allowance or furniture studio apartment (Negotiable)
National pension matched to KPI
Severance pay at the end of the contract 2.2 mm
Total health coverage (50-50 percent between KPI and staff)
Free lunch
Paid vacation: 6 days + holiday
What is a good place to teach KPI?
- Amazing students in small classes (12 or fewer)
- A large community of foreign teachers promoting collaboration
- Amazing place for a good neighbor
- talented support staff
- Lessons are small enough, and students are smart enough to care for their parents. When an employer decides to teach, they are listening enough to achieve what they actually want.

If you are interested, please send the following information to Mr. Chay (hiring.kpi@gmail.com).
1. Interested Locations
2. Document / VISA Status
3. Current resume
4. Current picture
5. References where possible

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