Native English Speaking Music Educator Needed At Korea International School, July Start

Native English Speaking Music Educator Needed At Korea International School, July Start

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, January 27, 2018

Korea International School is recruiting enthusiastic music educators who have acquired middle school high school director Seung Hee from July 2018. KIS is a private international school located near Seoul, serving mainly Korean and foreign professional children. Our students take school and music seriously and administration is very supportive of art. String programs are internationally recognized for their musical excellence. This sector has a tradition of teamwork, collaboration and high music standards. We are looking for someone to help us continue that tradition.

We expect new talent to teach the next lesson:

-HS Phoenix Orchestra (Grades 9-12 audition)
-HS Concert Orchestra (grades 9-12, no audition)
-MS Phoenix (7th-8th grade, audition)
-MS Symphony (grade 6 to 8, no audition)
- Introduction of MS string (Double bass and viola 6-8, except audition)

It also has the following responsibilities:

Once a week, after school clubs
Middle School Advising & Club

The campus offers four concerts every year (October, December, March, and May), some non-campus events, some campus events

Let's bring the audition group once or twice a year to the national festival. Let's join the Solo / Ensemble Festival in your country once a year.

Assignment and tracking of school-owned musical instruments and musical instrument locker maintenance equipment lockers;

He holds a festival every two or three years and works at the Korea International Music Education Association (KIMEA). Audition an honorary group. Students are taken to MS and HS honorary group events. Every year I attend the KIMEA conference.

Join AMIS at international schools and join the MS and HS International Honors Group every year.

Preferred qualities:

- Team player
- If you want to cooperate,
- Student concentration
- an excellent musician
- If you want to go upstairs when you need it

Korea International School
Teacher Support Team / Manager
Lily (Blues)

Gyeonggi-do Seongnam-si Bundang-gu Dae-wan Pyeong-myeon 385 Binh Giru 27,
Korea, 13543

Tel: + 82-31-789-0520 (extension 522)
Fax: + 82-31-748-0509

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