Niagara College in Suwon, Korea is seeking for ESL Teacher

Niagara College in Suwon, Korea is seeking for ESL Teacher

Date of Job Posted: Monday, January 29, 2018

Niagara College is widely recognized as one of the most innovative learning institutions in Canada and is spreading internationally on Korea's water resources. The new Niagara College overseas program in Sweden focuses on the development of graduates who can work globally and specializes in providing ESL classes for students to complete the Academic English program at Niagara University in Suwon. Niagara College Canadian Post Aid Program at the Pathway.

Title Statement:

Niagara College Suwon Campus We are looking for EFL instructor status. ESL instructors are responsible for providing students with an effective learning environment by reporting to Dean ESL, Associate Dean, Niagara University, Canada, at the Suwon Campus Coordinator. This exciting career opportunity provides ideal candidates with experience in developing lifelong learning in an international environment to provide excellent language instruction.

This is an update of the year 2018-2019. Headquartered in Suwon, Korea.

Successful candidates are expected to maintain confidential diplomatic tactics on flexible relationships in terms of business hours.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• 20-25 hours of English lessons per week

• Provide recovery during non-training

• Prepare educational and learning plans that match the defined learning outcomes / goals

• Prepare an assessment to evaluate the target students' understanding

• Introduction of educational skills to meet student learning needs

• Provide a learning environment that effectively utilizes available resources, such as educational technology and university-approved learning management systems.

• Curriculum and Advisory Committees

• to assess the student's progress and achievement and to be responsible for the overall assessment of the student's work in the allocation process;

• Develop and create a learning environment that will lead to the success of all students

• Participate in promotional programs and colleges in conjunction with community members

Qualifications required include, at a minimum, the following:

• Bachelor's degree in related disciplines of accredited universities whose teaching language is English.

• Acceptable study programs include English, English, TESOL, Applied Linguistics, English Education

• Certified TEFL / TESL teaching qualifications

• 2 years experience in English language teaching for adults

• Those who speak their native language (not native English) must have an IELTS 7.5 degree or equivalent, as determined by Niagara College

• Proven training and / or experience in the implementation and integration of multimedia technologies in ESL / EFL language learning environments

• Experience in Web-based Technology and Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

• Demonstrate ability to work in a diverse student population

• Excellent written communication skills

• Strong organizational problem solving ability, analytical ability

Compensation and benefits package: Based on academic qualifications and educational experience, a competitive pay package will be available to candidates successfully.

Cover letters and resumes should be sent to the e-mail address with a title title title.

Deadline: Closed on February 15, 2018 at 4:30 pm

I appreciate all applicants, but I can only contact selected people for interviews.
Niagara College is committed to diversity in the workplace.

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