English Language Teaching Positions at Pyeongtaek University in Korea

English Language Teaching Positions at Pyeongtaek University in Korea

Date of Job Posted: Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Employment Class at Pyeongtaek University - Professional English Instructor in American Studies (or English)

* Application deadline: 2018.01.30. (Tue) ~ 2018.02.14. (Number)

1. Academic Position
1) Title: Part-time lecturer
2) Subjects: Basic English for Commercial Trade, American English Conversation II and III
3) Appointment date: March 2018

2. General qualifications
1) You must have obtained at least a master's degree in American academic English, humanities, and pedagogy.
- A native English speaker currently residing in Korea.
- A native English speaker who completed secondary and college education in the United States.
2) Applicants who have more than 2 years of English education experience after obtaining a degree. (recommend)
3) You are eligible to work legally in a private university in Korea.

3. Required Documents
A. Curriculum vita cover letter Proof of statement and evidence of educational excellence
B. Official diploma and transcript (Bachelor, Master and Doctor)
C. Copy of passport (page with applicant's photo)
D. Copy of Alien Registration Card

4. How to apply
A. If you would like to mail the application documents, please refer to the address below.
Gyeonggi-do Pyeongtaek-si Nishi-dong 3825 Peace Park Building 211 (except lunch time, weekends and public holidays) 450-701
B. If you would like to submit your application by e-mail, please send it to insa @ ptu.ac.kr.
* Applications can be submitted by mail or by e-mail, but must arrive by 15:00 on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

5. Evaluation Criteria and Processes: Evaluate academic records and overall performance.

6. NOTICE - Finalists will be contacted by email personally in February 2018.

7. Things to check before submitting your application
1) Incomplete applications are not considered and are not allowed. Submissions will not be returned.
2) Applicant is not responsible for false or incomplete documents.
3) Fill out the information on the application form correctly.
; Pyeongtaek University reserves the right to cancel the appointment of teachers due to insufficient information or false documents.

8. Other Information
1) Official appointments will begin in March 2018 unless otherwise noticed.
2) This semester class time
Basic English for Commercial Trade - Mon 15: 30-18: 20
American English Conversation II - Mon. 9:30 am to 12:20 pm
American English Conversation III - Trees. 14: 30-17: 20
3) Salary: about 53,000 won / hour (2017)

9. Contacts
For inquiries, please contact below.
* Planning Human Resources Department: 82-31-659-8094, kjchoi @ ptu.ac.kr

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