English Language Teaching Job In a Beautiful South Coastal City in Korea, 6-12 Months Contract

English Language Teaching Job In a Beautiful South Coastal City in Korea, 6-12 Months Contract

Date of Job Posted: Thursday, February 1, 2018

We are looking for native English speakers who seek exceptional teaching experience in a safe and reliable and highly informative environment. This position starts in March, and the contract can continue for a year but can be extended.

ECC Masan opened in 1997 and is now recognized as the largest and most professional English language school for children in the Masan area of ​​Changwon city, Gyeongsangnam-do. Over the past 80 years, over 80 foreign teachers have successfully completed their maintenance contracts for about 17 years at the school.
Half of them returned to Korea and returned to Korea with advanced positions and 19 contracts were signed again with ECC Masan. Among the complicated contracts and the advantages / disadvantages associated with the phenomenal world of English language teacher recruitment in Korea, these statistics are very important. The owner of this school knows how to keep up to date with the details of foreign teachers and is proud of their friendly relationship with teachers who have contracted with the teacher 20 years ago. Among past teachers, they call it the father of Korea. Such teachers' email addresses are available upon request.

The basis of the ECC contract is as follows.

- 6-12 months contract. (Flexible short-term contracts are also available)

- $ 2.30 for a 100 hour professor (beginner) - split shift,
No side effects at all.

- medical and dental insurance

- About 15 days leave in addition to national holidays in Korea

- clean private accommodation close to the school (air conditioning,
Refrigerator, full-speed internet, washing machine, etc.)

- We paid for the flight and prepaid before departure.
(One-way ticket for 6 months of contact)

- Payment of severance pay (one-month salary) (only for 12-month contract)

Recently ECC Masan has been changed to a kindergarten in the UK called Altiora Masan. So we are looking for people who deal with young learners from 5 to 9 years old. We are not expecting serious teachers, but expect bright, healthy people who can easily communicate with their children.

A very organized curriculum in kindergarten allows beginners to easily start doing this. The owner not only speaks fluently English but also understands Western culture and ways of thinking. He will always take you to a doctor or bank to send money home or adjust or adjust what you need about your accommodation. It also helps you prepare for a vacation with your neighbors, including Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Laos and China.

If you are interested, please send him your resume and cover letter.

Mr. Jack Lee - Director of Foreign Teachers

leebj52@gmail.com or leebj52@hotmail.com

Telephone) 82 55 244 0505

Mobile) 82 10 3836 8782

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