English Language Teaching Jobs for Native English Speakers in Songdo, Incheon, Korea

English Language Teaching Jobs for Native English Speakers in Songdo, Incheon, Korea

Date of Job Posted: Friday, February 2, 2018

We believe that Maple Bear is nothing more important than our children. More than 260 Maple Bear infants and elementary schools are currently operating in Singapore, Brazil, India, Korea, Turkey, Mexico, Morocco, Vietnam, USA, UAE, Bangladesh and China.

Homepage: http: //www.maplebear.ca/

Facebook: Maplebear CCLI Songdo Page

Songdo City: http: //www.songdo.com

> Information
- MapleBear CCLI Songdo Songdo is a children's elementary school with an intensive program developed by Canadian education in Canada.
- English teachers are currently coming from Canada and the United States.
- CAN, USA, UK, NZ, AUS, RSA Accept citizenship applicants from Ireland

> Qualifications
- CAN, USA, UK, NZ, AUS, RSA 4 year university degree from the University of Ireland
- Bachelor of Education in Education or TESOL / CELTA certification preferred

> Terms & Conditions
- Contract for one year from March 2018 or July 2018.
- There is a training period before classes begin.
- One week vacation and one week summer vacation.
- One-way ticket from the nearest major international airport.
- Prepare for the next 6 months.
- Salary system is based on your educational background. A teacher who has a bachelor's degree in education or an education license has an advantage.
- Salaries and promotions depend on years of service and years of service.
- Studio type room with basic furniture and electrical equipment.
- It is possible to choose lunch program for lunch.
- Insurance is provided to cover medical expenses.
- Wellness plan to promote group activities such as mountain hiking, marathon, bowling, movie, dinner party, BBQ party and so on.

> Contact us
- Resume: Please send your resume to Khai Dao (Academic Director).
- Email: acadirector.songdo@maplebear.co.kr
- Phone: + 82-32-833-7990

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