English teachers needed in Seoul and Bundang, Korea - March/April/May starts

English teachers needed in Seoul and Bundang, Korea - March/April/May starts

Date of Job Posted: Sunday, February 11, 2018

Gangnam STN - Location of science teachers and afternoon elementary school teachers within 10 minutes on foot from March / April / May 2018

You can choose from several positions below and YBM Headquarters will help you find the job that best suits your qualifications, experience and preferences.

All of the schools listed below are 100% guaranteed by YBM Corporation. There is no franchise school. For more information, please apply directly to YBM headquarters.

Monday to Friday. Without work weekends

March 2 Day of preparation for the first day of March 5
Bundang PSA: 1 minute walk from Jeongja subway station, 15 minutes by subway from Gangnam station
Occupation: 6 to 7 year old classroom teacher
Business hours: Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 4:30 pm, will not change
Payment: 2.30 - 2.6 million won per month. There is no overtime
Student age: 6-7 years old, maybe a little elementary school age
Student English ability: Interpretation of sentences in English / High ability to understand

The first day of classes at the end of April
Suzhou LIA: 5-minute walk from Seoul National University of Education, 10-minute walk from Gangnam Station
Location: Afternoon Elementary School Teacher's Location
Working hours: 12: 00 ~ 7: 30 Regular month Intensive month 9: 00-18: 30 ~ 20: 30.
Payment: 2.30 - monthly 2.5 million won + severance pay and overtime
The school age is mainly determined by the age of elementary school (grade 1 to grade 6)
English for students: speak and speak English

The first day of class at the end of May
Soju Gate: 5 minutes on foot from Sinnonhyun STN, 10 minutes on foot from Kangnam Subway Station
Position: Natural Science Profession
Hours: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5:30 pm, will not be changed.
Payment: 2.40 - $ 260 per month. There is no overtime
School Age: Most Kindergarten Age and Little Young Age
Student English ability: Converse in complete sentence High learning ability and high knowledge

Qualifications and conditions of applicant:
- E2 / D10 / F series English speaking spokesperson or E2 visa sponsorship form
- F2 / F4 / F5 / F6 visa applicants need to register with the Education Office
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
How do I apply?
Please provide the following, with a short email address that specifies where you'd like to discuss and your current photo and contact information (choose a location):

* If you already have a visa for E2 / D10 / F series in Korea, you can e-mail the ARC card to speed up your application processing

* Applicants who require sponsorship of an E2 visa must update their criminal records and update and share all images of the Ark, diplomas and passports.

Danny J. Kim
Human Resources Manager
YBM Headquarters
E-mail: danny@ybm.co.kr

Why choose YBM?
1. Reliability: YBM is a multi-million dollar organization that ensures job security and contract security.
2. Complete Benefits: Compliant with YBM health insurance, annuity, severance and ticket
3. Accessibility: YBM schools are located in the prime areas of Seoul, Busan, and Bundang.
We do not have recruiters! Get specific employment information before signing the contract.

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