Female English instructors are Needed in Jeju Island, Korea, High paid, Full-time Teaching Positions

Female English instructors are Needed in Jeju Island, Korea, High paid, Full-time Teaching Positions

Date of Job Posted: Monday, February 12, 2018

Full-time professor

(Weekly, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary school working hours 8 ~ 5 or 9 ~ 6)
A new English language kindergarten / museum near the Global Education City (GEC) in Jeju Island is recruiting female English instructors. GEC is aiming to create an English village in Korea, with many international schools and companies located in the western part of Jeju Island. I want to create a pleasant learning environment for children to learn through English classes, games, extracurricular activities, and field trips. We are hoping to hire a dedicated instructor who is more than just teaching English classes.

- 10 minutes drive from Jeju International Education City
- The location of the school, including the Google Maps link, and the teacher's residence
- About living in Jeju: Links from the NLCS website (nearby school)

Salary and benefits
- Monthly salary: 3.0M
- Housing offer or housing allowance 500,000 won (10 minutes by car from the teacher's residence)
- When the contract is completed, one month's salary (3.0M won), ticket (1.3M won)
- Two weeks leave after completion of contract
- Full paid holidays are as follows: Korean holidays plus 10 days of personal leave (during summer and winter holidays)
- 50% of National Health Insurance and National Pension

- Native English Instructor in US, AUS, NZ, UK, CA and RSA
- At least one year commitment
- Criminal record check

A good experience
- Experience in teaching kindergarten students and young children
- Experience and understanding of Korean culture
- Ability to teach piano or other instruments
- Ability to teach art classes, ballet classes, PE classes or other special curriculums

- English education for Pre-Kinder, Kinder, Elementary
- Working hours: 8 ~ 5 or 9 ~ June ~ Fri. (1 hour break between)
- Support classroom materials and activities

start date
- mid-March 2018

- Ms.Sue: sj1089@hanmail.net
- Send your Skype ID and your contact number, and prepare for Skype integration

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