One English teacher needed in Canadian-owned hagwon in beautiful Dongtan, South Korea

One English teacher needed in Canadian-owned hagwon in beautiful Dongtan, South Korea

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 17, 2018

As for us
The Benjamin English Club is a Canadian owned, operated and established company in Dongtan, South Korea. We focus primarily on high school students in elementary schools and focus on matching the child's age and level. Due to the low turnover rate, teachers are building strong relationships with each other and with time as teachers.

Almost all teachers have finished at least a year, and about a half of them have stayed for a year or more.

About position

Salary: 2.1M + (Negotiable for Korean experience)
Daily Time: Up to 7 days Starts without Saturdays with no change of division Start time is approx. 2:30.
Hour per week: 30 / week
STUDENTS: Except special events about 6-8 / class mainly elementary school
Start: Late March
Housing: Single
Location: Dongtan

Freight year-end bonuses, red days holiday, and more.

About east

Dongtan is a planned city near Seoul. With all the new buildings and excellent facilities, we are losing much of the dizzy bustle of downtown Seoul. Near your apartment is a shopping mall (metaphoris) with a theater, a nice restaurant, a small mountain for hiking, and a fairly high-speed bus that goes directly into downtown Seoul. Dongtan has many foreign teachers, and there are night activities such as bars and clubs. Walking distance from your house. You can find out more at Google Dongtan.

Your current location

You are an extension / exchange teacher. Your first mission is to establish good exchanges with students and to know the textbooks. This year we contribute to many areas of classroom development (such as ideas for special teams or projects).

About you
You must have a current Expandable Visa (E / D).
You can use the scan with the documents you need and have them notarized (not "arrive now").
You have already signed a contract and are working in Korea.
You have a balanced personality. We want to engage in work, but can go happily when we go. I want to enjoy, but I have enough personality to continue the class. The most important thing is that you should be enjoying building a true human relationship with the children you teach. Our motto is "people who teach people". It is important to us.
You have a serious interest in education and are promoting your progress as a teacher.
You can work with a one-year contract (the possibility of a multi-year relationship is considered a plus but not necessarily).
You are focused on the non-voluntary team.


Please send a resume and a document scan to the address below. Applications that do not scan all documents are not considered. Please check your current time zone and phone or Skype Interview valid time (Korea). Make sure your photos are up to date. We want to see what students see. The subject of your e-mail should be "(Name) Benjamin English Club, Spring Position".

Benjamin English Club
Phone: (Please e-mail the number and reservation time.)

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