YK Christian school in Korea is looking for two full time English teachers

YK Christian school in Korea is looking for two full time English teachers

Date of Job Posted: Monday, March 19, 2018

Email resume and cover letter to David Jung at djung@jungeducation.com

Yongkang English School, NAJU Korea

YK ENGLISH SCHOOL is designed to enable students to communicate with real foreigners in English.
Mainly employing high quality native English speaking teachers
Two hours a day with a foreign teacher

Yongkanggu English School (YK) pioneered ESL education for Naju children. YK has been serving many children for more than 10 years. The Academy currently has 70 students enrolled, and three foreign teachers and one Korean teacher teach you.

Naju faces a new period of growth due to the transfer of Korean government enterprises and supporting organizations, including Korea Electric Power Corporation. To meet the needs of the growing Naju, we are also deploying in both areas of YK. It's an interesting time. In this new and exciting season, outstanding teachers are required to partner with us. We look forward to meeting you.

Rewards and benefits
Salary range: Generally 2,300,000 won
Income tax: The teacher's income tax is paid by the employer.
Pension insurance: 50% for employers 50%
100% of health insurance is provided by the employer
Housing: We have 2 or 3 bedroom apartments (with the same gender of different teachers and colleagues) 100% employer provided
Utilities: 50% for employers, 50% for teachers (power, water, gas, etc.)
Payment overtime: Overtime is rarely required. Fee: 20,000.00 won per hour
Paid leave: Add two weeks of paid leave on a regular holiday National holidays
Flight tickets: round trips are available at the school for a one-year contract

Main responsibility
Teaches an average of 6 subjects per day
from Monday to Friday
50 minutes lesson, 10 minutes break
The class size is approximately 8-12
Class preparation and evaluation Quizzes and tests
Every year we prepare a Christmas Carol showcase
Attend teacher meeting

native speaker

About Nara City
It is about 45 minutes by bus from Rausu city, Gwangju, the capital of Chonnam (1.5 million). Rousseau is quiet compared to Seoul and other big cities, but it offers all kinds of services such as banks, grocery stores, some hospitals, numerous restaurants, courier options and no pollution and noise in the big city. Mountain hiking and athletic facilities are a 15-minute walk from the teacher's home.

David Jung
USA Cell: 281 799 8274
Email: djung@jungeducation.com
Campus address: 58259 Nachiruo 87-4, Nachi-shi, Chonnam

Apply today!
Resume and cover David Jung Send to e-mail address djung@jungeducation.com

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