Excellent English teaching jobs in Major Cities All Around Korea

Excellent English teaching jobs in Major Cities All Around Korea

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

"Thank you for your quick reaction and helping out with your work, you are the best. I will introduce you to a friend who is interested in coming to Korea"

"Hello, Joe! Sorry to hear from you late, but one of my friends in the US is looking for an English job in Korea, so I recommend emailing her.Her name is Julie.You seriously tell her Thank you very much.

** Please note to all applicants: Welcome to our POST! Our institution's recruiters seriously want to do our job and really want the teachers to be satisfied with their work or life in Korea. First of all, we guarantee that we will do our best to facilitate the search process by contacting you at all stages to find the right thing for you. We have built a very strong relationship with the teachers we are recruiting and we want to have the best possible Korean experience. Because we work in both private and public schools in Korea, our job is to help you get the job that works best for you. We help you!

** Collecting documents to citizens in South Africa can be a particularly costly experience. Therefore, we can work with a specific agency or courier company to submit in a convenient way at a faster, lower price.

The following are some of the positions we can use, but there are many cities throughout Korea as well as the cities below. We begin a lot of work by August and by the end of the year.

** Only applicable to native English speakers

Please send it to Joe@eslkorea.kr or Rebecca@eslkorea.kr.

- Updated teacher's resume

Your own professional photo (or near)

- Start date validity period

- Nationality

- Current location

- date of birth

- Favorite Places

- Excellent educational age

- Status of documents (submission of criminal complaint / notarization diploma / notarization)

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