The best ESL recruiting network in Korea is looking for ESL teachers

The best ESL recruiting network in Korea is looking for ESL teachers

Date of Job Posted: Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The VOU agency is one of the best recruitment networks in ESL.
ESL certified in Korea
Recruitment company licensed by the South Government
Founded in Korea
Authorized school with good working conditions
Helps teachers move smoothly into new ones
Exciting life in Korea.
Our agency is an agency that hires its own teachers
Recruiters and ongoing support and after-sales support.
If you want to live abroad and at the same time save money,
You can learn a new language and culture, but where
First, you have a good chance.
- [United States] Native speakers United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia,
New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa]
- BA / BS or above (full majors)
How to apply
Continue photo by sending email with cover
Learn more
Skype: pamji79 or lhsrich
If you can send me more information, it is very useful.
Things like that:
First available:
3. Thanks:
date of birth :
5. Preferred place: Where can I be?
6. Do you want to work or do public schools and private academies?
Do not worry
7. Tattoo: Yes () No ()
8. Smoker: Yes () No ()
E2 Visa Documents Preparation: Yes (), No ()

Pay $ 1,900-2,400 per month
Rental apartments for free
Including Return Flight
20 days of vacation + 12 days of public holidays
Medical / Board
Salary bonus after completing your contract + lot
Also you can:
- return price
- Apartment without rent
- 10 paid holidays + 12 national holidays
- Medical donation
- Pension contribution
- One month salary bonus at the end of the contract
- 3 bottled holidays

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