English teaching position available in Korea - Must be in Korea with visa or all documents ready

English teaching position available in Korea - Must be in Korea with visa or all documents ready

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Individuals with poly franchise experience have special considerations.

More information :

10 am to 8:15 pm Moon / water / gold (including paid arrangements)
10:00 am to 7:30 pm Fire / wood (including paid preparation)

2.8 ~ 3.0 million won (depending on degree / experience) + all the benefits below
Benefits offered:
- single, non-shared, household
- Prepaid airfare to Korea
- Retirement bonus upon completion of one year contract
- National Health Insurance: 50%
- No weekend classes.
- No division change
- No internet / phone classes
- Fixed scheduled teaching blocks (can not be taught past the scheduled time)

About the school:
We have won the Best Brand Award in the Korean Times as the top school of junior education for the past eight years. Students have won many awards in the National English Language aptitude test. Join our Academy.
There are many campuses in Korea. We have gained a good reputation among teachers and parents, and many teachers have resigned several times. Our program is well developed (many curriculums by our teachers) We are offering a very good salary and benefits package.

About Seongbuk Campus:
Seongbuk Foley is not owned by Koreans but is originally owned and managed by Mr. POLY in Korea's only English Academy. This is not an inconvenient communication problem or an internal cultural situation. Also I spent a long time using the same material as the teacher used because I was taught at POLY in 2001. Some of our staff have been with me for several years and are willing to help you adjust.
The traditional center of Seoul, Seongbuk is located in the vicinity of universities, nightlife, nature, traditional attractions and all the places you want to experience in the city.

Explore the area in Google Earth:
37 ° 35'30.10 "N 127 ° 0'43.93" E
Kindergarten Lecture on YouTube (Search: Seongbuk Poly)
Ideal applicants:
Ideal applicants have a degree in Education, English, Communication, or Linguistics. Education experience and experience in the field of child care are almost necessary. He is a blend of three main elements: love, training, and intelligence. Korean children are a little weaker than Western cousins, and some love is ongoing. I have expressed this quality as "tenderness", but I emphasized that the teacher should really manage the students because the teacher can look at the students smoothly without giving them. Discipline is necessary to maintain our tight schedule as well as to keep your students in discipline (yet friendly!). There are many reasons why intelligence is necessary, but I hope it is clear. Although he / she is far from home, I know this is work and not a vacation. Many people have experience in EFL. I look forward to such dedication. Above all, we must love what is around the child

Required Documents:
° Original diplomas (and the Ark (US) or Korean Embassy (Canada)
° Warriors - No need to seal for our purposes
° Passport (valid for up to 6 months)
° Criminal record in the Ark (US) or Korean embassy (Canada)
° Applicants must submit a medical examination / blood test on arrival
If you are interested in positions, please email timgorin @ seongbukpoly.com. For faster processing, please include "applicant" in the title.

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