SeoulESL in Korea is looking for English teachers - 10 years of experience connecting teachers with schools

SeoulESL in Korea is looking for English teachers - 10 years of experience connecting teachers with schools

Date of Job Posted: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Why are you looking for a job with SeoulESL?
- We have more than 10 years experience with teachers and schools in Korea.
- Through our experience, we maintain a network of public and private schools respected throughout Korea. Our school is based on the opinions of the teachers who are actually working at the school.
- We will be added to SUNARO EPIK and GEPIK programs for official work at public and private schools.
- We have several positions throughout the year including spring / summer work or university positions.

Why do you use recruiters?
- The use of our services is free to applicants.
- We provide accurate information about your school or workplace.
- We provide ongoing support for visa, interview, and other needs. For example, the application process for the EPIK program can be a bit complicated, so it supports the applicant throughout the application process.
- We can arrange the most suitable school applicants for your needs.

General requirements:
- Bachelor's degree is important.
- English as a native language
- UU is a US citizen. Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia.
- EPIK requires 100 hours + TEFL certification. This is also a great advantage if applied to private schools.

Common advantages:
- Tickets (usually in one direction only)
- Furniture apartment or housing subsidy
- 1 month compensation for contract
- Pension and health insurance
- 10 holidays per year + vacation in Korea

Private School General Information:
- Location: Korea
- - Start date: All years
- - Lesson Group: Elementary Students
- - Salary: 2.0 ~ 3.1 million won per month
- - Vacations: 10 days and public holidays (about 9-14 days a year)
- - Hours of operation: Varies by school

EPIK Program General Information:

- Location: Korea
- - Start date: February / March / April / August / September / October
- - Lesson Group: Elementary Students
- - Salary: 2 million won per month
- - Holidays: 18 days and holidays (about 9-14 days / year)
- - Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Below is a list of sample items provided by our organization.
For a complete list of our occupations and occupations, please visit our website at
Please answer the questions below, and send us a protected e-mail with your CV and pictures of your favorite things. We will contact you on your business.
How are you adapting to your tastes and standards?

Nationality :
date of birth :
Presence of a spouse
Current location
Education background:
Lesson / Time Certificate:
Experience in Korea (representing the number of years):
If so, reference information (showing school name and phone number)
Available start dates:
Preferred place:
Desirable age group for education:
Visa documents you have now
Available contact time:


Tel: 82-2-585-7871

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